Water-logged floors, furniture, or other parts of your Florida home will produce mold that compromises your health as well as the integrity of your living space. The worst thing you can do is assume your home and possessions will eventually dry out and return to their condition before the water damage. Fail to take action and it is only a matter of time until you, your loved ones and your pets become sick due to mold exposure.

Your best course of action is to lean on Florida’s top mold remediation crew to thoroughly dry all possessions and areas of your home exposed to water.

Here is a quick look at the best questions to pose to Florida restoration crews before making a hire.

1. Can you explain the basics of your mold remediation service in plain English?

The language of mold remediation can be a bit complex, especially for those who have not had water damage in their Florida home in the past. If the remediation specialist you are considering is unwilling to break down its mold remediation process in layman’s terms you can understand with ease, it is a sign they are not customer-friendly.

The best mold remediation specialists start the remediation process by obtaining air samples. Air samples are taken to identify the mold spores on-site as well as their concentration level. If it sounds like the remediation specialist is unwilling to specifically identify the exact type of mold growing in your Florida home, move on to the next candidate.

The remediation company should also explain how it will go about determining the true cause of the mold problem, pinpoint areas where mold has accumulated, and the methods used to return mold to a safe level. Florida homeowners must understand it is impossible to eliminate all of the mold from their homes. Mold will always exist in small quantities in every living space throughout Florida and beyond.

2. What, exactly, do you do to earn your keep?

Posing this question presents an opportunity for the mold company to explain why you should pay for its services. If the mold specialist does not provide a convincing answer as to why its services are worth the quoted price, do not hire them.

Ideally, the mold company representative will explain how much mold is present in your home, the amount of mold present, the rate at which it is growing, and detail why this substance is harmful to human health. The mold specialist should also explain how its restoration service will preserve the structural integrity of your Florida home.

If the mold specialist is not specific in terms of how mold can cause illness or allergic reaction, it is a sign he or she is uninformed, lazy, or simply does not covet your business as much as other Florida remediation service providers.

3. Do you provide mold removal or remediation?

Mold remediation is not the same as mold removal. The mold company representative should explain what these terms mean and delve into the specifics of its unique services.

Mold remediation is centered on performing actions that return mold levels to their original low levels. Remediation will not remove mold in its entirety from your Florida home. Remediation removes mold in certain parts of your living space laden with this harmful substance.

The contractor you interact with should explain the differences between these terms and detail the specifics of its unique services. Listen closely during the representative’s response as a home with a low level of mold will not require a removal attempt. Complete mold removal should only be attempted if it has accumulated to the point that it threatens human health.

4. When is professional mold restoration required?

This is another opportunity for the supposed mold aficionado to make a convincing sales pitch, flex his or her intellectual muscle, and delve deep into the merits of professional restoration. In general, spaces that are 10 square feet or larger require professional mold restoration after water exposure.

Mold resulting from a leaky pipe, a flood, or any other form of significant water exposure should necessitate the assistance of experienced mold restoration specialists. If the company representative you speak with does not seize the opportunity to explain the merits of professional restoration services in response to this question, it is time to consider another candidate.

5. What separates your Florida restoration crew from the rest?

Do not hire a restoration crew unless their services have legitimate merit. If it appears as though the company’s restoration services are the same as the competition’s yet its pricing is comparably high, there is no reason to fork over your hard-earned money. Alternatively, if the mold company’s representative is quick to point out the merits of its services and its unique technology/equipment, it is a clear sign its services are worth the cost.

Time is of the essence when selecting a Florida restoration crew. Mold can move through the entirety of your Florida home in a mere two days unless tended to by the experts. Be decisive and act quickly when sorting through the area’s restoration companies and you stand a much better chance of enjoying near-complete restoration.

Wrapping Up

Asking the above five questions to potential restoration crews before zeroing in on one will help you assess them adequately and pick the right one. This is crucial because only a knowledgeable and skilled restoration team can help you get rid of harmful mold, clean up the mess from water damage, and set your home straight. Do keep these queries in mind when looking for a competent restoration service.

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