The last thing you need is a leaky pipe. However, it is only a matter of time until your Florida plumbing presents such a challenge. Even the most expensive, well-made pipes will eventually leak due to age, wear and tear and other reasons. Thankfully, you can do a few things to prevent leaky Florida plumbing.

1. Gauge the Water Pressure

Oftentimes, water pressure is the reason why pipes leak. If the water pressure in your Florida plumbing system is excessive, it is time to take action. In general, water pressure in Florida plumbing systems should not exceed 60 psi for any longer than a day’s time. Otherwise, a water hammer is likely to occur, possibly leading to a leaky pipe. The bottom line is any shifting or movement of your pipes due to pressure will likely lead to the formation of a leak.

Make sure your home’s water pressure is between 30 psi and 50 psi. If you are unsure as to how to reduce your water pressure, you are not alone. After all, the typical homeowner in Florida and elsewhere have never attempted to alter the water pressure level in his or her home. Our Florida plumbers are here to help. We will adjust your home’s water pressure as necessary. It might even be necessary to install a water pressure reduction valve to ensure your water pressure does not hit 60 psi or higher.

2. Minimize Pipe Damage with a Water Softener

The installation of a water softener will decrease the stress on your home’s pipes. Hard water has an elevated mineral content that will likely lead to corrosion, spurring the buildup of minerals within the water supply pipes. Our Florida plumbers can install a water softener on your behalf to reduce the chances of plumbing damage. The water softener eliminates excess minerals lurking in your water supply by generating an ion exchange between the water’s
magnesium and the calcium particles with a positive charge and the negatively charged resin beads within the softener appliance. A salt tank is used to generate brine that filters out the minerals from these resin beads, sending them right down the drain.

3. The Pipe is Already Leaking. Now What?

If a pipe in your home is already leaking, remain as calm as possible. Such pipe leaks are the result of either a split or a hole. If you have a pipe clamp, bolt it over the split or hole to mitigate the flow of water. Even epoxy plumber’s putty can be used to remedy diminutive holes. However, the pipe surface must be properly scored prior to the application of the epoxy plumber’s putty.

Pipe repair tape can also be used to cover up slits or holes. However, these temporary repair attempts will not work so well if there is the water pressure in the pipe. Ideally, there will be no pressure at all inside of the pipe. However, it might not be possible to completely turn off the water to the entirety of your home as you and your loved ones need water to enjoy a decent quality of life. If the water cannot be fully turned off, it is better to apply a pipe clamp to stop the leak.

4. What About Leaks at the Joint?

If the joints leak, it is likely the result of improper sealing. This means it will be necessary to remove the fitting in order to coat the threads with plumber’s pipe tape. Once the tape is applied, it is time to re-tighten the joint. If the gasket is missing or broken, it must be replaced. Though a temporary gasket comprised of leather or cardboard can be used, our Florida plumbers are here to provide a lasting solution. Furthermore, joint leaks should be addressed with a covering of the compression nut ferrules with plumber’s grease followed by a tightening of the compression nut. The last resort is to wrap the compromised joint with pipe repair tape. However, the moral of this story is to ask for assistance from the Florida plumbers who genuinely earn their keep. Reach out to us and we will help you avoid the drama of leaky pipes in Florida in the near future as well as across posterity.


There can be several reasons behind a leaky pipe. High water pressure is the most common reason. Other than this, hard water, improper sealing of the joints, and holes in pipes can be the possible culprits. The bottom line is, you can always do something to temporarily fix leaking Florida plumbing. For permanent solutions, it is always best to contact experienced professionals. Only the experts can ensure that your Florida plumbing system stays leak-free for years to come.

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