It is not easy to choose between pipe repair and pipe replacement. This is not the type of decision you should make on your own. Our Fort Lauderdale plumbers are here to analyze your unique plumbing problems and steer you in the right direction. Here is a quick look at what goes into the decision to repair or replace the pipes at your home, business or other property.

Money Matters

Though it is certainly tempting to opt for a plumbing repair as it is cheaper than pipe replacement, this is not always the best decision. Countless Fort Lauderdale homeowners have opted for repair only to find the repaired portion of their plumbing system requires another repair months or years later. It is quite possible the pipe or another component of the plumbing system has aged or worn to the point that a repair will only prove temporarily sufficient.

It simply does not make financial sense to repair pipes over and over again when replacement is possible. Spend for plumbing replacement and the comparably large one-time cost of the project will certainly take a chunk out of your budget. However, this investment ensures the need for repair does not arise in the months or years to come. It is quite possible the money you spend on a full plumbing system replacement will prove cheaper than a series of repairs.

Review the Work Already Done

Meet with our Fort Lauderdale plumbers and we will sit down with you to go over the nuances of the work already performed on your property’s plumbing system. If the pipe in question has a history of failure or leaks, it might be best to replace it rather than attempt another repair. However, if you plan on selling the home, a short-term fix might suffice as long as you make the buyer aware of the repair work.

However, the investment in a new pipe has the potential to save you money on utility costs and enhance the efficiency of water delivery. Furthermore, our team will also consider the pipe’s long-term needs when determining if repair or replacement is prudent. If more pipeline capacity is necessary, replacement with a new pipe featuring a larger diameter certainly makes sense.

Is This a One-Time, Isolated Event?

If your plumbing problem is an isolated event, it makes sense to perform the necessary repair rather than replace the entire pipe or another plumbing component. As an example, a one-time event that spurs a pipe leak will necessitate repair instead of replacement. Our Fort Lauderdale plumbers are here to determine the true cause of the failure and help you decide if repair or replacement is the better option.

It might be possible alteration in weather, soil shift, drought or even obstruction from tree branches is the true cause of the problem. However, you won’t know what is really going on with your plumbing system until our Fort Lauderdale plumbing crew performs an in-depth analysis. This careful approach will reveal whether repair or replacement is the better course of action.

Consider the Water Pipe Lifespan

No water pipe will last forever. Copper pipes have the potential to last between 70 and 80 years. Galvanized steel and brass last upwards of a full century. However, pipe lifespan is partially affected by a wide range of factors including:

  • Whether the pipes are insulated
  • If the water is of the proper quality
  • Whether chemical cleaning products have been dumped down the drain

This means your home’s galvanized steel pipes might not fulfill their lifespan potential of 100 years. Let us analyze your home plumbing system in-depth. We will give you a sense of the remaining lifespan so you can make a well-informed decision about repair or replacement.

Rust in Your Water is Cause for Concern

If you notice rust is in your water, it is a clue the pipes have decayed to the point that replacement is prudent. Though you might not see rust particles in the water, you just might spot brown or red-hued water. Dirty-looking water is a sign the pipes have decayed to the point that necessitates a complete replacement.

Use Remodeling as an Opportunity for Re-piping

If you are planning on remodeling your home and there are one or several plumbing issues, it might make sense to use this time as an opportunity to repipe your plumbing system. Re-piping amidst a remodel will save you money as the plumbing will already be exposed during the remodeling process.


Deciding whether you should get your plumbing pipes repaired or replaced entirely can be a conundrum. Your final decision can impact the long-term health of your home’s or office’s plumbing system. Hopefully, the above mentioned points will help you gauge the factors involved in this decision and enable you to make the right choice.

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