• The Basics of Florida’s
    Cast Iron Piping Problem

    Homes, businesses and other buildings constructed prior
    to 1975 often have cast iron pipes. If your home was built before or around this time period, it is in your interest to have the plumbing analyzed.

  • The Signs of Compromised
    Cast Iron Pipes

    A slow drain, a backed up toilet or drain, leaks, water damage, nasty odors, rodent/roach infestation and gurgling noises emanating from the toilet/drain are all signs of compromised cast iron pipes.

  • The Many Problems With
    Cast Iron Pipes

    Though cast iron pipes were commonly used in homes and other buildings constructed prior to 1975, buildings constructed after this point in time predominantly used comparably safe PVC piping.

  • A No-Cost, No-Commitment
    Plumbing Analysis

    There is no sense paying your hard-earned money to an attorney to handle your cast iron piping problem when our team is here to do the analysis and labor on your behalf at a fraction of the price.

The Benefits of Working With Erica’s Instead of an Attorney or Public Adjuster

If you have not consulted with an attorney in the past, count your blessings. Though some attorneys provide legal services that are worth the money, many do not. Furthermore, a growing number of attorneys are getting financial kick-backs from other local business owners who they refer clients to for cast iron pipe replacement as well as other projects related to the law. In other words, attorneys tend to be opportunists looking to maximize their income regardless of the outcome for clients.

Our business has the moral high ground as we view clients as more than an opportunity to make money. Erica’s is a locally owned and operated business with the sole focus of solving problems to improve client’s quality of life. Unlike attorneys and adjusters, we do not charge any type of retainer fee. This means you do not have to spend a single penny to speak with one of our representatives. Consult with an attorney and you will have to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to simply retain that attorney’s legal services in the weeks/months ahead.

  • Plumber Boca Raton – Certified Women Owned BusinessCertified Woman-Owned BusinessAs a woman owned and operated business, our values align with yours and we always put our customers front and center. We’ll listen to your needs and offer solutions to fit your specific situation.
  • Plumber Boca Raton – Satisfaction GuaranteedSatisfaction GuaranteedWe’re confident in the quality of our services, but we’re not satisfied unless you are. If something has gone wrong, let us know right away! We’ll come back and fix the issue for free.
  • Plumber Boca Raton – Honest Fixed Rate PricingHonest, Fixed-Rate PricingYou’ll never be left in the dark about the cost of your service, because we tell you the exact price you’ll pay before we even start any work. No hidden fees, no surprises!
  • Plumber Boca Raton – On-Time ArrivalOn-Time ArrivalYour time is precious, so we won’t waste it by making you wait around for your technician to show up. We’ll arrive at your door at the scheduled time, ready to solve the problem.


  • How to Tell if Your Home has Cast Iron Pipes

    How to Tell if Your Home has Cast Iron Pipes

    Plenty of homes, businesses and other buildings in Florida have cast iron pipes. However, most local property owners are unaware of the fact that such cast iron pipes are beneath the floors below and within the walls of the building. In general, buildings constructed before 1975 have a good chance...

  • Problems With Cast Iron Pipes in Florida

    Problems With Cast Iron Pipes in Florida

    If you are like most homeowners, you assume the pipes below your home will prove functional and reliable across posterity without much attention. However, homes, businesses and other buildings that rely on cast iron pipes in Florida are that much likelier to have significant plumbing problems. Let's take a quick...

  • Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Cast Iron Pipes?

    Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Cast Iron Pipes?

    Cast iron pipes were used in Florida homes constructed prior to 1975 as they were economical and easy to install. If your home, business or other building was erected before this time, there is a good chance it has cast iron pipes. All in all, around 2,000,000 Florida homes have...


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