If you have to replace a pipe in Lauderdale by the Sea, don’t panic. Replacing a pipe in our mild climate is slightly easier simply because we do not have to deal with interference from the elements, pipes freezing, and other weather-related drama. The proper approach to this plumbing problem will ensure the pipe is replaced in a reliable and timely manner that ultimately stands the test of time. However, no pipe will last forever. The sad truth is it is only a matter of time until you need to replace the pipes in your Florida home, business, or other building. However, our Lauderdale by the Sea plumbers are here to do the dirty work on your behalf. Here’s a look at the replacement process.

1. Start by Contacting Our Lauderdale by the Sea Plumbers

Do not attempt to replace the broken or otherwise-flawed pipe on your own. If you make a mistake, you might worsen the problem, spend even more money, and waste your valuable time. The best thing you can do is reach out to our Lauderdale by the Sea plumbers for immediate assistance. Tell us exactly what happened, when it happened, and any reasons why you suspect the pipe broke. We will provide a time frame for repair and prioritize your service call to minimize the water damage to your home. The best part is we will not charge a fee to assess the situation and provide a quote.

A thorough evaluation of your busted pipe, unique plumbing system, and home’s nuances is necessary to determine the optimal course of action. Once we have inspected your compromised pipe, plumbing, and home, we will know exactly which areas must be cleared out of items. As an example, it might be necessary to move items from closets, counters, cabinets, and other parts of your home to temporary storage spaces for the plumbing repair to be performed.

2. Prepare for Professional Pipe Replacement

Our team will need some space to repair or replace your broken pipe. Provide us with a clear walkway to the pipe in question, reposition all potential forms of interference far away from your plumbing problem and we will be able to get right to work. We will get right to work with the application of protective floor coverings along with plastic to stop the spread of drywall debris, dust, and other unsavory particles. It might also be necessary to reposition furniture and/or disconnect/move the dryer and washing machine. Once we are certain there is enough space to get the job done right and your home is properly protected, we will commence the pipe replacement process.

3. Sheetrock Cutting and New Pipe Installation

Once your home is properly prepared for pipe replacement, we will open up the walls as necessary to install the new pipe. We carefully cut pieces of drywall and number them before putting them aside. Once the holes are opened up, our team will run the pipe and connect the fixtures. Rest easy, as we will reconnect the water at the end of the project so you can remain in your house with fully functional plumbing.

4. Matching the Sheetrock, Textures, and paint

Once our team has finished cutting the sheetrock, we will put the numbered pieces back in place. We go as far as taking paint samples from the computer to ensure there is a proper match. This matching process occurs while the initial sheetrock mud coat is drying. We even go as far as matching ceiling textures to boot.

5. The Final Walk-through

Once the paint has completely dried and the dust settles, we will take a look at the subtleties of the project to ensure the job is truly complete. If the paint does not match as expected, if there are bubbles or other problems, we will address them before departing your home. We aim to maintain clear and open lines of communication from the start of the project until its end. If anything needs retouching or if any other loose ends need to be tied up, we will address them accordingly.

6. Replacing a Pipe in Lauderdale by the Sea With Minimal Interference

We are well aware of the fact that pipe replacement has the potential to create quite a mess, making your living area somewhat chaotic and uncomfortable. This is precisely why we go out of our way to replace pipes in Lauderdale by the Sea with as little interference as possible. If it is not necessary to tear out the floorboard and drywall, we will not take that route. In other words, many other Lauderdale by the Sea plumbers will turn your home into a demolition zone to replace your broken or otherwise flawed pipe yet we will take every step necessary to prevent such significant disruptions.

We make a concerted effort to clean up every last bit of the mess we make. As noted above, pipe replacement requires considerable cutting that will generate some dust and stray particles. However, there is no need to worry about having to eliminate these particles on your own. We perform a thorough cleanup to ensure your home is clean, orderly and has fully functional plumbing.

If you need to replace a pipe in Lauderdale by the Sea, let the best in the business do the work on your behalf. You can reach our Lauderdale by the Sea plumbers for pipe replacement and other plumbing needs by dialing (561) 782-2779.

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