No homeowner should have to suffer through noisy and annoying pipes. If one or several of the pipes in your home or business are generating noise, do not assume you are powerless. Lean on our plumbing crew to address your noisy pipe in Florida and we will finally eliminate the annoyance, returning your living or working space to a truly peaceful setting.

1. Eliminate Water Hammer to Prevent Noisy Pipes

Everything from high water pressure to lose mounting straps and water hammer can lead to a noisy pipe in Florida. If water cannot pass through your pipe, it will create noise, be it in the form of a loud thud or something else. Sadly, this noise can be heard throughout the entirety of the home or other building. This annoying noise is referred to as a water hammer. The hammering action generates the noise that damages the pipe’s joints and connections.

The underlying problem causing water hammer is water hitting a closed valve as opposed to an escape point. You can eliminate water hammer by replenishing air chambers with the necessary amount of air. Even if you are bugged by a faint noise within the pipe, you should still provide the air chambers with air. Begin by shutting off the main water supply valve to your home. Open up the highest faucet within your house. Pinpoint the lowest faucet, typically on the first floor or the basement and turn it on to drain water from your pipes and also allow air to automatically move in. Once the water is completely drained from your pipes, turn off the lowest faucet. It is now time to re-open the primary water valve. The air allowed to move into the air chambers will likely eliminate the water hammer.

2. Address Those Loose Mounting Straps

If pipe mounting straps are loose, a water hammer will likely occur. Such straps are comprised of nail-in hooks/hangers coated in vinyl or metal plumber’s tape that connect pipes to framing. If the pipe strap is loose, the pipe will be able to vibrate against the framing members as the flow of water is turned on/off. Take a close look at all accessible pipes to guarantee they are connected correctly. These pipes should be tightly connected to reduce clanging and clattering.

3. High Water Pressure Might Be the Problem

If your water pressure is especially high, the pipes will bang. A pressure-reducing valve or water pressure regulator will help correct the water pressure. The majority of today’s homes have a regulator positioned at the site where the primary water supply moves into the building. If there is no such regulator, you should have one installed as soon as possible. Though a regulator will certainly cost some money, it is a solid investment across posterity.

Even if you are suspicious that your high water pressure might not be the true cause of your noisy pipe in Florida, it still makes sense to correct the high water pressure. Unnecessarily high water pressure has the potential to damage your washing machine, dishwasher, ice maker and other automatic appliances that rely on water for functionality. It is even possible that you will void your appliance warranty when your water pressure moves beyond 100 pounds per square inch (PSI).

4. Loose Pipes

In some cases, noisy pipes in Florida are the result of pipes loosening. Pipes that hang from the ceiling or wall have the potential to loosen as time progresses. The solution to this problem is to add properly insulated pipe clips and also connect the pipes to the joists or studs without stressing the lines. Once your noisy pipe in Florida is properly supported with hangers or insulating clips, it should quiet down.

5. The Problem Might be Your Steam Heating System

Steam heat has the potential to generate an abundance of annoying noise. If you are even slightly suspicious your steam heating system is the true cause of the problem, make sure the steam boiler water level is at the proper level. If there is an abundance of water, the steam pipes will flood and cause all sorts of noise. The steam pipes must be drained properly, the radiators must be set and the water level should be corrected. Adhere to this level of maintenance across posterity and you will greatly reduce the chances of noise emanating from your steam heating system’s pipes.

6. There Might be a Blockage

If whistling and/or hissing emanate from your pipes, there might be a partial blockage. Such blockages often form over time as mineral deposits gradually accumulate. A whistling sound will result as water moves through the partial clog. Altering the water pressure by way of the main water valve might eliminate the noise. For the most part, the home water pressure should not move in excess of 60 psi.

However, the true cause of the blockage might be a buildup of minerals. It is possible this buildup will eventually lead to an outcome worse than noise pollution in your home. Fail to address the problem and you might end up with burst pipes, considerable damage and expensive repairs. When in doubt, lean on our Florida plumbers to tackle your noisy pipe in Florida. We will quickly address the problem before it worsens and leads to an even costlier repair/replacement project.


A noisy pipe is a serious problem and one that should not be ignored. A number of factors, such as water hammer, water pressure or pipe blockage, can lead to noisy pipes. Fortunately, you need not live with this issue. Engage professional help to tackle your home’s troublesome pipes in Florida. Only skilled plumbers can guarantee a job well done that gives lasting results.

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