An overflowing toilet has the potential to ruin your living space. However, you can mitigate the damage if you take the proper steps after the overflow. Aside from shutting off the water to minimize the water damage, the most important thing you can do is to secure the services of our water restoration specialists. We will restore your moisture-laden living space to make it clean, safe, and habitable. Let’s take a quick look at the merits of water restoration in Coral Springs in the aftermath of a toilet overflow.

Assessing the Water Damage

Reach out to us for water restoration in Coral Springs, FL and you will find we are as thorough as it gets. Our team will gauge the impact of the damage immediately after arriving on the scene. Determining the extent of the water damage is not as easy as most assume. The little-known truth is most water damage is not visible to the human eye. It is not enough to simply feel the floor, walls, and furniture for dampness. You cannot perform such a “feel test”, mop up the water, turn on some fans, and assume everything will be alright.

Our team is here to determine the true extent of the water damage. The water might have moved down along an exterior wall, saturating the insulation. Water can also wick up the walls of your bathroom, destroying the drywall and even compromising electrical wiring in the wall cavity. Water can become trapped beneath bathroom cabinets, drip down through the sub-flooring, and saturate the area between the upstairs and downstairs floors. However, you will have no idea of the extent of the water damage until our team performs an in-depth assessment.

Let us do the Dirty Work on Your Behalf

Cleaning up the toilet overflow and restoring damaged areas is not a DIY (do it yourself) job. The proper equipment and knowledge are necessary to properly restore damaged parts of your Coral Springs home. This is a stressful and demanding project best left to our professionals. We know how to safely restore your living space without jeopardizing your health or your health. We will get this dirty job done comprehensively as quickly as possible. Contact us as soon as you find your toilet has overflowed. We will dispatch a water restoration specialist to your location as quickly as possible.

Post-inspection Water Removal

Once the water damage has been assessed, it is time to remove as much moisture as possible. From vacuums to pumps and beyond, we have all the equipment necessary to remove as much water as possible from your home. The specific type of equipment necessary for water restoration in Coral Springs ultimately hinges on the magnitude of the water damage in your home. Reach out to our team as quickly as possible after you find your toilet has overflowed so we can fast-track the water removal process. Timely action will help prevent the growth of mold and bacteria in your bathroom, hallways, and beyond.

The Drying Process

Once all of the standing water has been removed and the nearby surfaces are vacuumed and dried, it is time to dehumidify this space. Dehumidification is an essential step to eliminate as much remaining moisture as possible after water removal. The drying process might take upwards of several weeks to finish. Be patient, let your home dry as necessary and your living space will eventually be back to normal.


If the water-laden parts of your home are not cleaned and dried after a toilet overflow, mold and bacteria will grow. Every single personal item compromised by the water must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. From flooring to the drapes, clothes, and beyond, everything the toilet water touches should be provided with an antimicrobial treatment. It might also be necessary to use air scrubbers to eliminate moisture from the air.

The Restoration Process

Restoration is the most important component of returning your living space to normal. You cannot restore a water-laden bathroom, hallway, or other parts of your home on your own. True restoration requires the replacement of important materials such as drywall and insulation. Though this process is sometimes as basic as the installation of a couple of panels of drywall, especially serious toilet overflows will necessitate the replacement of entire walls.

Our restoration specialists may be exposed to toxic substances such as asbestos and lead during the restoration process, especially if your Coral Springs home is old. This is precisely why you should not even consider DIY water restoration in Coral Springs after a toilet overflow. Put your faith in our team and we will dry the entirety of your living space affected by the toilet overflow. Our restoration specialists will ensure there is no mold or mildew on your belongings, providing you with invaluable peace of mind.

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