Think back to the last time you examined your water heater. If you are like most homeowners in Coral Springs and beyond, you probably have not looked at your water heater or even thought about it in quite some time. The average person knows little-to-nothing about water heaters for good reason: these machines are out of sight so they are out of mind until something goes wrong. As a result, there are plenty of myths, half-truths and even some bald-faced lies being spread about the water heater installation in Coral Springs and beyond. Below, our plumbing and HVAC gurus unmask these myths to shine the light on the truth about water heater installation.

Myth #1: Any Joe Schmoe can Install a Water Heater

There is a common misconception that water heater installation in Coral Springs is fairly easy and straightforward. The truth is water heater installation in Coral Springs is actually quite challenging and complex. It is necessary to check all the details of the local building codes prior to performing the installation. Otherwise, you run the risk of failing to comply with the local building codes. The last thing you want is to pay a bundle of money for a brand new water heater only for it to prove non-compliant with local building codes. Put your faith in our team to perform water heater installation in Coral Springs on your behalf and we will guarantee the installation is performed in full accordance with all the local billing codes.

Myth #2: No Need to Drain the old Water Heater

The old water heater must be fully drained before the new unit is installed. There is no need to flush or refill the unit. Rather, it simply needs to be drained before it is carried away. Our team is here to drain the old water heater on your behalf. It might take some time to let the water drain off yet the wait is well worth it. The alternative is to attempt to carry the water heater up the stairs while water is weighing it down. Though such a feat is possible, it will prove difficult as water heaters are heavy and likely to prove quite messy during transport.

Myth #3: Cutting the Tank Loose and Connecting the new Tank is Easy

Even if you are good with your hands, it will prove somewhat challenging to separate the tank from the waterline. The hot water side is comparably easy as there is little to worry about in terms of where the line must be cut. The water must be turned off and the tank must be emptied so you do not end up with water all over the place. Connecting the new unit has the potential to prove somewhat difficult, especially for those who do not have industry experience. Ideally, we will use minimal material when connecting the new tank. For the cold water side, it will likely prove prudent to cut below the shut off valve. However, there is no guarantee the shut off valve is in decent shape. If this is not handled properly, you will end up cutting off the water to the entirety of the house.

Let us spearhead your water heater installation in Coral Springs and we will perform just the right cut so water can remain on for the remainder of the home. It might be necessary to use a cutter designed for copper tubing to cut the water lines. Speed is of utmost importance. If the cut or tightening down is performed too quickly, the pipe will be “ovaled” out and the new fittings will not fit as they should.

Myth #4: No Need to Turn off the Gas at the Valve

The gas must be turned off at the valve as well as the control module. The gas line will be disconnected so it must be off at the valve. Thankfully, turning off the gas is quite easy. Simply turn the gas valve about a quarter turn so the handle runs parallel to the gas line. However, gas will still be waiting on one of the valve’s sides even though it is completely off on the other valve.

Myth #5: No Need to Remove the Flue

The flue must come off. Also referred to as the chimney, the flue can be reused if it is fully intact and not rusting. The flue can be removed by taking off the screws that connect it to the draft hood as well as the screws connecting it to the remaining chimney. Our team is here to remove the flue on your behalf. We are extremely careful when handling the adjustable joints within the flue so they do not break off. After all, twisting a bit too hard or even twisting in the wrong direction has the potential to cause the flue’s adjustable joints to break apart.

If you need a new hot water heater or any other plumbing service, do not hesitate to ask our team for assistance. We will tend to your plumbing challenges in a timely and thorough manner. Give us a call at (561) 782-2779 to learn more about our approach to water heater installation in Coral Springs and schedule an appointment.

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