If you do not know any of the common slab leak warning signs or even know what a slab is, don’t feel bad! Most Coral Springs homeowners do not know the first thing about slabs or slab leaks. Our Coral Springs plumbers are here to help. Below, we identify the top signs of slab leaks every local homeowner should be aware of.

1) Tile Cracks

Cracks along the floor tiles are one of the clearest signs of a slab leak. Floor tiles shift and subsequently crack as the slab starts moving. Slab leaks are particularly dangerous as they gradually compromise the concrete foundation above. Furthermore, if you notice cracks along the wall or by the floor trim, it is an indication that there is a slab leak below.

2) Warm Spots Along the Floor

Warm spots along the floor are a sign there is a hot water leak in the slab. In fact, you might even see condensation accumulating along certain portions of the floor. Warm spots are one of the clearest early warning signs that indicate not only that a leak is present in the slab below but also, where, exactly, the leak has formed. Pay close attention to your pets; if you spot them gravitating toward particular parts of the floor or avoiding certain parts of the floor, put your hand along those spots to gauge their temperature. Your pet just might be tipping you off to a warm spot that indicates a slab leak below.

3) Water Damage Along the Floor

Floors that have warped are an indication that the humidity within the foundation has substantially increased, likely due to the presence of a leak. Those who have carpeted floors might detect a musty odor indicating there is a leak below. If you were to pull up a corner of the carpet, you might spot mold growing below it as well as the padding and even the sub-floor. Even slight water damage to the flooring is a problem. Such damage indicates there is a considerable amount of moisture within the slab and the flooring will likely have to be replaced sooner rather than later.

4) You can Hear Running Water

Listen closely while on the lower floor of your home. If you notice water running or detect a hissing noise yet water is not in use in your home, it is a clue the slab has a leak. The slight hissing sound or the sound of water running is a clue that the leak is worsening. Even if the noise is subtle, it is better to be safe rather than sorry by leaning on our Coral Springs plumbers to determine if there is a slab leak or another plumbing problem at your property.

5) An Increase in Your Water Bill

Slab leaks might not be seen with ease yet they will gradually increase your water bills. Take a close look at your monthly utility statements. If you notice a dramatic increase in your water bill yet you have not ramped up your water use, it is a sign there is a slab leak or another plumbing problem.

6) Lower Water Pressure

Slab leaks are likely to reduce the water pressure throughout your home. The reduction in water pressure in even one room of your home is a sign that there is an underlying problem that must be addressed by our Coral Springs plumbers. Reach out to us today for a comprehensive analysis of your home plumbing system and we will determine the true cause of the problem, be it a slab leak, a leaky pipe or something else.

7) Odors and/or Visible Mold

If you detect a pungent odor or see clearly visible mold, it is a clue that there is a slab leak. Even the slightest bit of dampness in your carpet is cause for concern. If you do not ask for assistance from our Coral Springs plumbers, the problem will gradually worsen, cause that much more damage and cost even more money to repair.

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