Homeowners and business owners are constantly on the prowl for ways to save money. However, plenty of property owners overlook their water bill as a cost-saving opportunity, assuming there is not much that can be done to minimize the monthly cost of this essential utility. Our West Palm Beach plumbing experts are here to help you save as much money as possible on your monthly water bill, enjoy drama-free water service, and ultimately ensure your plumbing system proves reliable. Let’s take a look at a few ways to minimize your monthly water cost.

1. Address Those Leaks Right Away

If you are certain you leak in your West Palm Beach home or business or if you suspect there might be a leak, do not wait to take action until water is dripping through the ceiling. Be proactive by addressing leaks as soon as possible. Though leaning on our West Palm Beach plumbing team to handle your leaks will cost a little bit of money, reaching out to us for a one-time service call is much cheaper than an extraordinarily high water bill month-in, month-out. Even a minor leak such as a running toilet has the potential to waste gallons of water every single day.

In particular, homeowners often fall into the trap of letting water drip from the faucet. There is a common assumption that a leaky faucet does not waste an abundance of water yet will cost a pretty penny to fix. Though faucets leak a drop at a time, those drops gradually add up to a sizable water bill. The United States Geological Survey reports a leaky faucet’s single drop per second wastes 2,000+ gallons of water in a year . Let our West Palm Beach local plumbers handle the repair on your behalf and our team will save you a bundle of money across posterity.

2. Invest in a Water-efficient Toilet

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the latest water-efficient toilets use 1.28 gallons of water or even less per flush. Though low-flow toilets had a less-than-stellar reputation when they first debuted, the technology has improved to the point that they now provide exemplary flushing performance. If your toilet needs repair, is outdated, or flat-out ugly, opt for a water-efficient replacement and you will have done your part to minimize your monthly water bill.

3. Spend for a Faucet Aerator

Shell out the little bit of money necessary for a faucet aerator and you will find it limits the amount of water that moves through your home’s faucets, reducing water usage as well as the energy necessary to warm up water. The installation of a faucet aerator on all of the faucets throughout your home really will make a meaningful impact on your water bill as time progresses, eventually ensuring this investment pays for itself and then some.

4. Add an Efficient Showerhead

Most people still use an inefficient showerhead as there is an assumption replacing this shower component will prove frustrating and/or costly. However, if your showerhead is inefficient, it will spike your monthly water bill. Add a high-efficiency or low-flow showerhead and your monthly water savings will gradually add up.

5. Insulate the Water Pipes

The addition of foam shaped similar to water pipes provides insulation, helping to warm up the water as quickly as possible. Insulate the pipes in your home and you won’t lose nearly as much water as you wait for it to warm to just the right temperature. The reduction in water use really will save you money on your monthly water bill.

6. Be Mindful of Water Use When Brushing Your Teeth

There is no sense in letting water run from the faucet the entire time you brush your teeth. Such a habit is wasteful and unnecessarily hikes your water bill. You will even find keeping a cup of water by the sink to cleanse your razor saves a little bit of money on your water bill as you won’t have to keep the water flowing when shaving.

Some people even go as far as rinsing their toothbrush with a separate cup of water when brushing rather than turning on the faucet over and over again. Though these behavioral alterations are minor, they have the potential to save you a decent amount of money in the long run.


If you’ve noticed that your water bill is rising, you need to look into the invisible and underlying causes. You may have to address issues by detecting leaks, testing your toilet’s water efficiency, getting a faucet aerator, insulating the water pipes, making behavioral alterations, and more. The above points should help you determine some possible causes behind the inflated water bill and take the necessary action accordingly to lower your expenses.

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