Water damage to your home, business, office, or other building will prove messy, frustrating, and most importantly, costly. Be proactive and you just might be able to prevent water damage before it compromises your living or working space. Our Margate plumbing crew has identified some of the best ways to prevent water damage at your property.

1) Add Water Detection Devices

Water detectors are diminutive electronic devices designed to ring an alarm upon the internal sensor’s contact with water. Install water detectors in your home and they will identify leaks as well as the presence of other forms of moisture that would otherwise go unnoticed. These detectors should be added near dishwashers, sump pumps, toilets, water heaters, and washing machines to minimize the chances of considerable damage stemming from water exposure and subsequent mold growth.

2) Clean Your Home’s Downspouts and Gutters

Every Margate homeowner should clean his or her gutters at least two times per year to prevent blockages. Neglect these important components of your home’s exterior and the standing water will damage the gutters as well as the roof. It is also possible for water overflow to form puddles that compromise your home’s foundation to boot. Cleaning the gutters alone will not suffice. You must also clean the downspouts to guarantee water can flow on through unimpeded. Finally, make sure the downspouts are secured in a manner that ensures the water that flows out of them is redirected away from your house.

3) Upgrade Your Washing Machine Hoses

Aged, leaky, or brittle washing machine hoses are one of the top causes of water loss. Furthermore, an old washing machine hose has the potential to spur costly water damage to your home. Be sure to replace your aged washing machine hose promptly to prevent leaks, water damage, and financial loss stemming from Margate plumbing repairs.

4) Find and Remember the Water Main Location

Pinpoint the location of the water main in your home. This way, if there is a water overflow, a leaky pipe, or another major plumbing problem, you can head directly over to the water main valve, turn off the flow of water, and prevent extensive water damage. If you are going on vacation or elsewhere, be sure to shut off the water main valve before departing just in case a water leak, overflow, or other issue arises while you are far away from home.

5) Maintain the Trees and Vegetation Around Your Home

Do not randomly plant trees and other greenery around your yard. Consider the location of your Margate plumbing system’s pipes and the sewer line before planting a tree or any other form of vegetation. Once trees and shrubs are planted, they must be properly maintained. Otherwise, the tree roots will eventually wrap around your Margate plumbing system’s pipes and break them. Ideally, the landscaping by the utility pipes will be minimized to prevent interference. Furthermore, if the trees/shrubs on your property have become excessively large, it might be prudent to remove them before they can compromise the pipes below your yard and possibly cause a nasty leak.

6) Have the Water Line Inspected

Your home’s water line should be analyzed every year. A truly comprehensive leak checkup involves the inspection of the water supply lines as well as the washing machine hoses for indications of wear. Take a look at the washing machine, water heater, and even your refrigerator’s ice machine to identify leaks. The average water supply line lasts about half a decade. If your water supply line relies on rubber hoes, those hoses should be replaced with the steel-braided variety as they tend to last much longer.

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