Take a moment to ponder the ramifications of water damage to your home and your prized possessions. Water damage will threaten the structural integrity of your home, potentially ruin your furniture, soak your belongings and make life quite a nightmare in every regard. This is precisely why it is so important to prevent water damage in the first place. Here is a quick look at the most important water damage prevention tips from our experienced plumber in Lake Worth.

1) Take Action as Soon as You Suspect There is a Leak

If you are even slightly suspicious your home has a water leak, do not delay its repair. Otherwise, the leak will worsen to the point that the entire structure of your home is put in jeopardy. Take timely action by leaning on our plumber in Lake Worth for assistance. We will repair the leak as quickly as possible to prevent the formation of mildew, mold, dry rot, and/or structural damage that proves egregiously expensive to repair. Do not lose sight of the fact that homeowners insurance offers coverage for water damage that qualifies as accidental and sudden. Damage stemming from insufficient maintenance is not covered by the typical homeowner’s insurance policy.

2) Take a Close Look at Your Appliances

Every single appliance that is connected to a water supply line in your home has the potential to spring a leak, burst, and inundate your living space with water. The appliances in your home have a limited lifespan. Therefore, everything from the dishwasher to the refrigerator, shower, water heater, and air conditioning unit should be closely examined for even the slightest sign of failure. If the appliance is no longer functioning as it should or is not properly connected to the water supply line, you might notice puddles forming along the floor, a decrease in water pressure, mold forming around the appliance, nasty odors and/or the sound of water running even though the appliance is not turned on.

Pay particularly close attention to the hoses connected to the appliances. If the hoses are worn out, water damage is that much more likely to occur. A leaking, rusty, brittle, or otherwise-damaged hose must be replaced as soon as possible. Thankfully, hoses are fairly inexpensive so repairing/replacing them will not bust your budget. Just be sure to add a high-quality hose to ensure you do not end up with a similar problem down the line.

3) Recognize the Importance of Water Pressure

Water pressure that is set at an excessively high level will cause the pipes and/or hoses to fail. Spend the little bit of money necessary to add a water pressure gauge, connect it to an outdoor faucet and turn that faucet all the way on so water can flow outward with full force. This gauge provides a reading of your Lake Worth home’s water pressure. Most water systems at local homes are designed for water pressure between 40 and 70 psi. If the water pressure at your home is in excess of 100 psi, it is prudent to add a pressure regulator that keeps the pressure at a safe level.

4) Roof Maintenance can Help Prevent Water Damage

Your home’s roof is the primary line of defense against mother nature’s wrath. If the roof is not properly maintained, the chances of water damage below are that much greater. Head on up to the roof at least once every six months. If a particularly harsh storm passes through the Lake Worth area, take a close look at the roof for damage. If you spot cracked flashing, cracked roof vents, broken shingles, piles of debris, or pooling water, water damage is that much more likely to result. Such damage should be tended to by a professional roofer.

You can do your part to prevent water damage stemming from a compromised roof by cleaning out the gutters with regularity. Wipe all the gunk out of your gutters and water will be able to flow down along the side of the house instead of pooling above and eventually causing a leak.

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