Once water infiltrates your living space, it is imperative that you take immediate action in the form of water damage restoration in Coral Springs. Hand off this project to our water damage restoration team and your property will be in good hands. It does not matter if your home was flooded, had a leaky pipe, a burst pipe or another plumbing issue; we will restore your damaged living space so it is clean and healthy to live in. Ideally, you will contact our water damage restoration experts as soon as you realize that water has entered your living space. Each hour you delay makes it that much more difficult for our crew to perform comprehensive water damage restoration in Coral Springs.

A Rapid Response to Preserve the Integrity of Your Home

The clock is ticking. Reach out to our company for water damage restoration in Coral Springs as soon as possible after you notice the water has moved into your living or working space. Our team will make a beeline to your property and do everything possible to restore your carpets, walls, furniture and other items impacted by the water. From specialized floor drying machines to blowers, air purifiers, fans, dehumidifiers, wall dryers, sanitizers and beyond, we have all the equipment and strategies necessary to improve the cleanliness and safety of your home.

An In-depth Inspection and Assessment

Our team will begin the evaluation of your property as soon as we arrive. The inspection begins with an analysis of the problem. We will determine what went wrong and what steps can be taken to prevent it from happening again. As an example, if there is a supply line break, we will turn off the flow of water to prevent even more damage. Our team will also gauge the extent of the damage to the structure and content of the home prior to getting to work.

Water Elimination

There is no sense attempting to eliminate all the water that has entered your home when our specialists are a call away. Once the movable components are removed, it will likely be necessary to use pumps to pump out all the stagnated water. The best in the business have elite pumps that get rid of the water quickly and thoroughly. Hire a company worth its keep for water damage restoration in Coral Springs and the water cleanup process will prove quicker than expected.

Save Time

It will take our team mere minutes to start eliminating the water on your behalf and restoring your damaged property/items. If you were to take on this challenge without assistance from the industry’s best, you would likely end up spending several hours or even an entire day attempting to find the right pumps, setting them up and getting them to work.

Moisture Removal and Drying Done Right

We have water elimination and water damage restoration in Coral Springs down to a science. The job is not complete until your living space is dry. Once the water cleanup is complete, we will take the extra step of applying additional mitigation and restoration strategies to reduce mold growth. We perform science-driven, non-intrusive moisture drawing to ensure your living/working space is dry, clean and healthy for living.

A Thorough Cleaning and Sanitizing

If the average homeowner were tasked with cleaning up his or her living space after water exposure, he or she would likely set up fans and possibly spray a cleaning solution to sanitize the area. Though these efforts would certainly help, they do not suffice. You need assistance from the experienced professionals who have performed water damage restoration in Coral Springs for years. We sanitize and dry impacted spaces including wood structures that might be laden with mold and rot. Our crew goes the extra distance by applying a specialized antimicrobial treatment to ensure your furniture, as well as the rest of your home, is fresh and clean.

Let the Professionals do the Work for You

The last thing you should have to worry about after a broken pipe or flood is moving things around to reach the impacted spaces. After all, furniture, cabinets, entertainments stands and other items in your home are heavy. Our team is here to move items as needed and perform all the drying, extraction and restoration on your behalf. Let us do the dirty work and you will be free to focus on work, your family and getting your life back in order after this unfortunate event.

Erica's Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Restoration

Has your home, office or other space suffered water damage? Do not attempt to live or work in this compromised space. There is likely mold in the areas breached by the water. Do the smart thing by dialing our team at (561) 782-2779 for water damage restoration in Coral Springs.


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