Even the slightest water damage must be restored in a timely and thorough manner. Fail to restore water-damaged parts of your home or business and you will end up paying the price in the form of a compromised living/working space, mold that negatively affects your health and plenty of other problems. Let’s take a closer look at why our Boca Raton plumbing crew’s water damage restoration is so important after any level of water exposure.

1) Water Damage Restoration Prevents the Formation of Harmful Mold

A flood, storm, leaky pipe or any other cause of water exposure will moisten your home/business to the point that mold forms. Though every building in Boca Raton and beyond has a small amount of mold, a considerable amount of mold will prove harmful to your health as well as the structure of your home or business. In particular, mold is terrible for the respiratory health of people as well as pets. If you have asthma, allergies, a heart ailment or any other physical malady, mold is likely to exacerbate it. Furthermore, prompt and comprehensive water damage restoration performed by our Boca Raton plumbing team ensures your furry friends are not exposed to harmful mold.

2) Water Damage Restoration Ensures Your Home/Business Remains Structurally Sound

Your home or business needs a sturdy foundation and structure to remain intact, strong and reliable. Unfortunately, if water breaches your living/working space, it might seep into the floorboards, ceilings, walls and the rest of the structure, weakening the building to the point that it is no longer safe to live in. The last thing you need is an expensive structural repair to your home or business. Opt for timely water damage restoration and our Boca Raton plumbing team will ensure your home or business is safe to live/work in, ultimately providing you with truly invaluable peace of mind.

3) A Thorough Deodorizing and Drying

Every building impacted by water must be inspected, dried, deodorized and restored right away. Otherwise, the walls, floors and/or ceilings will be odorous, wet and possibly even structurally unsound. You read that right. Water exposure really can damage your home or business to the point that it smells bad. Can you imagine walking across the room only to be caught off guard by smelly mold stemming from an instance of water exposure? That is no way to live life! Our Boca Raton plumbing crew is here to perform water damage restoration that ultimately ensures your living or working space does not carry an odor, is thoroughly dried and completely safe.

4) Salvage as Much of Your Property as Possible

A plumbing leak, floods, storm, large spill or any other form of water exposure will damage your home or business as well as your possessions. However, if you contact our Boca Raton plumbing team for prompt water damage restoration, we just might be able to save the majority of your possessions and help preserve your home/business. We have all the water damage restoration tools, equipment, and knowledge necessary to salvage items as well as the core components of your home or business. From carpet to drywall, flooring, cabinets, shelving, paneling and personal property, our Boca Raton plumbing team is here to restore everything you value, ultimately preserving its form as well as its functionality.

5) Our Boca Raton Plumbing Crew Will Facilitate Your Insurance Claim

Wouldn’t it be nice if you did not have to document all the water damage after an unfortunate event? Our Boca Raton plumbing team is here to perform water damage restoration and also document the damage with comprehensive before/during/after photographs, drying logs, diagrams and whatever else is necessary to facilitate the payment of your insurance claim. In fact, we are even willing to go as far as directly working with your insurance adjuster to help minimize your expense stemming from this unfortunate event.

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