The cost of water restoration in Boca Raton differs by a number of factors. Contrary to popular opinion, the extent of the water damage does not completely shape the cost of this essential service. Below, our Boca Raton water restoration team explains what goes into determining the cost of water restoration after a flood, storm, excessive humidity or other forms of water exposure.

Factor #1: The Color/Type of Water

The water that emanates from the tap is significantly different than tainted water from the toilet or sewer. Though every type of water has the potential to lead to the formation of mold in your Boca Raton home, certain types and colors of the water are especially dangerous for you and your loved ones as well as your living space. As an example, those who work in the Boca Raton water restoration industry understand black water is water tainted with sewage. The term black water is also used to refer to the flood water stemming from ground sources ranging from streams to overflowing rivers. Black water is a direct threat to your health. Furthermore, black water will compromise your home and belongings much quicker and to a greater degree than clean water.

Grey water is the water emitted from appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Grey water has biological pollutants and chemicals that can lead to significant illness. Alternatively, clean water is exactly as it sounds: rainwater that moves into a Boca Raton home through an open window or door. Clean water from a tap that was errantly left in the on a position can also cause damage to your home. If your home has been compromised by black water or grey water, the water restoration cost will be higher than it would be for clean water. Black and grey water require a more elaborate disinfection process. Furthermore, black and grey water put the water restoration workers’ health in danger so the restoration effort is justifiably more expensive than one designed to remedy clean water exposure.

Factor #2: The Length of Time the Water has Been in Place

The more time water is allowed to saturate your Boca Raton home, the more the restoration effort will cost. After all, extensive water exposure is more likely to cause significant damage. As a result, restoring such water damage costs that much more than it would cost to remedy water that has not had a chance to seep deep down into your property and belongings. This is precisely why our Boca Raton water restoration team asks prospective customers to reach out to us as soon as possible after learning of water exposure in their home.

Factor #3: The Extent of the Water Damage

The smaller the affected area is in your Boca Raton home, the less the water restoration project will cost. Alternatively, if your home has been subjected to extensive water damage, the restoration effort will cost that much more. The initial estimate will be based on the square footage of the space to be restored. As an example, restoring a small area rug that has endured water damage will cost less than the restoration of an entire carpet or wall that is exhibiting signs of mold infestation and dry rot.

Factor #4: The Accessibility of the Compromised Area

If a portion of your Boca Raton home compromised by water is especially difficult to reach, the cost of the water restoration project will be a bit higher than usual. Alternatively, if the water damage occurs in a part of your home that can be accessed with ease, the project will be priced at the regular rate. The logic in hiking the price to restore a compromised part of the home that is challenging to access is the fact that the restoration team will have to haul all of its equipment into the difficult-to-reach space. Furthermore, the restoration will have to be performed in this awkward or cramped environment. As an example, it will likely be cheaper to restore a living room exposed to water than water damaged crawlspace simply because it is comparably difficult to access a diminutive crawlspace.

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