Imagine a scenario where you’re in the middle of the peak summer season and your trusty air conditioner stops doing its job. You grab your phone and perform a quick “air conditioning repair near me” Google search. Your Boca Raton air conditioning professionals inform you that the issue in your air conditioner was a long time coming. You realize that the breakdown could have been prevented had you invested in timely repairs.

Florida residents are well aware of the importance of having a well-functioning air conditioner. Having optimal air conditioning in Boca Raton summers is a must. Because air conditioning systems are a huge investment, it is necessary to maintain them properly and schedule service regularly.

However, if you notice any of the below signs in your air conditioning in Florida, you need to consider getting your unit repaired as soon as possible.

1. Warm or Hot Air

Have you ever found your air conditioner giving off hot or warm air? If yes, your first instinct would probably be to check the thermostat. You need to ensure that it is in the cooling mode and is set lower than your house’s current temperature.

If despite this, you find warm/hot air blowing out of your AC vents, your compressor may be at fault.  Warm air can also mean a refrigerant leak, so you may want to check that out too.

Fortunately, this problem can be easily fixed. However, you need to act fast as you will not be able to use your AC unit until a Florida air conditioning professional sets this right. So go online and perform that “air conditioning repair near me” search right away!

2. Poor Airflow

Poor or restricted airflow is a common sign of a malfunctioning air conditioner. It indicates that an obstacle is blocking the air from moving freely through your house’s ducts. This can mean that your air filter may be clogged or your motor might be broken or there may be a more serious problem.

If you’re experiencing insufficient airflow in your home, you should get Boca Raton air conditioning professionals on the job immediately. They will know exactly how to enable optimal airflow emission and ensure proper cooling.

3. Heat and Humidity

It is normal for the outdoor weather to be hot, humid, and sticky in Floridian spring and summer. This is why having a well-functioning AC system can pay off. You can look forward to fresh, crisp, and clean air indoors as your air conditioner can adjust humidity levels automatically.

However, if your air conditioning in Florida is unable to keep indoor moisture levels low and ensure proper cooling, it could mean that it needs repairs. A local air conditioning expert will be able to get to the bottom of the issue quickly and make the necessary re-calibrations. Your “air conditioning repair near me” search can help you find one in your neighborhood.

4. Leaking Water and Moisture Buildup

All air conditioners need refrigerant to cool your indoor air. It is normal for your AC unit to produce condensation as it functions. However, it isn’t normal for either the refrigerant or the condensed liquid to accumulate in your house.

When water pools in your house or near the AC unit due to leaks from it, you know that the unit isn’t functioning as it should. Leaking water can damage your home and furniture, and even compromise the structural integrity of your abode. In such a case, call Boca Raton air conditioning professionals pronto.

This also applies if you notice persistent moisture around your AC unit. This should be attended to as soon as possible to prevent the formation of mold on your walls.

5. Unpleasant Sounds and Odors

AC units are supposed to work quietly, even when delivering the highest level of cooling. If your air conditioner has been making unusual noises, like loud screeching, scrapping, or banging sounds, you can be sure that something is wrong with it. You could be dealing with debris, broken parts, or loose belts in the unit.

If this sounds familiar to you, make sure to get your AC unit checked by Florida air conditioning professionals. They will prevent a small issue from snowballing into significant damage.

Further, if you get unpleasant odors from your AC unit, you should call the repair experts right away. You don’t want your house to get smellier than it already is. The repair professional will check out your unit and determine if it needs a simple tune-up or a more advanced solution.

6. Exorbitant Cooling Bills

Have you checked your energy bills lately? Has there been a sudden spike in the bill amount? If yes, your air conditioner could be part of the problem. Find your nearest AC repair professional through a quick “air conditioning repair near me” search and get them on the job immediately.

While air conditioners do consume high levels of energy, they shouldn’t inflate your energy bills to an unreasonable extent. If your AC unit was functioning well last summer but has started consuming more energy recently, you know for a fact that repairs are in order.

7. Aging Unit

Boca Raton air conditioning professionals recommend considering the age of your air conditioning unit. According to the Department of Energy, “The lifespan of a central air conditioner is about 15 to 20 years.” If your AC unit’s age is around this bracket, it is possible that it may need heavy repairs or even a replacement.


If your air conditioning in Boca Raton has been giving you trouble, it may be time to consider typing “air conditioning repair near me” in your search engine and zero in on reputed Florida air conditioning professionals. Postponing a service or a repair job on an AC unit displaying the above-mentioned symptoms can worsen the problem. You will end up spending more money on high-level repairs or even a replacement. So, make sure to get them adequately addressed at the first sign of air conditioning trouble.

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