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How Does Air Conditioning Work?

Two hands assembling parts on air conditioner, posing the question, How does air conditioning work in Boca Raton?

There are several misconceptions about the air conditioning system and how it works. This post will correct some of those misconceptions as we answer your question, How Does Air Conditioning Work? We will also explain some of the components involved and the essence of each in the cooling and heating process. From a layman perspective,... Read more »

What Are the Different Types of Air Conditioner Repairs and How Are They Done in Boca Raton?

air conditioning in Boca Raton

Boca Raton usually experiences blazing hot weather between June and October. Statistics from Weather Spark suggest that the city’s average daily temperature tends to rise above 86°F during this time, making household air conditioning an absolute necessity. Considering the significance of air conditioning in Boca Raton, homeowners usually scurry to have their cooling units in top-notch condition before... Read more »