An air conditioner is a necessary feature in every Boca Raton home. However, the worst thing that can happen to anyone is the AC unit not cooling during the blistering summer heat. According to the Boca Raton air conditioning professionals, There are several reasons why your AC unit may not be blowing cold air, and some of them are easily fixable. So, you must learn to troubleshoot your AC unit first and determine if the issue is simple enough for you to fix yourself or requires the expertise of an HVAC technician.

We will run through the possible issues when an air conditioner isn’t cooling and how to fix an air conditioner that’s not cooling in Boca Raton below.

How Does an Air Conditioner Cool Air in Boca Raton?

Several parts of an air conditioner work together to make it blow out cool air. The system works through a process known as phase conversion.

  • The refrigerant continuously evaporates and condenses within the unit’s coil system.
  • The evaporator coils become cold as the refrigerant converts from liquid to gas.
  • The system fan blows air over the cold coils, sending cooled air through the ducting.
  • The gas cycles back to a condenser coil unit and cools back to liquid form.
  • The cycle repeats itself over and over.

First, an AC has a maximum operating temperature. The AC will become less efficient if the surrounding temperature exceeds this operating temperature. So, the compressor may stop working completely if it’s extremely hot outside.

But when your AC isn’t working under normal circumstances, it can be an issue with the refrigerant, filter, fan, etc. It can even be something as basic as the thermostat.

How to Fix an Air Conditioner That’s Not Cooling in Boca Raton

You have to troubleshoot first to determine the issue. In most cases, it’s simple enough that you can fix it yourself. In other situations, you will require the service of Boca Raton air conditioning professionals to handle it.

Here are some of the common issues and how to fix them below.

Broken Remote

This may seem obvious, but many people often ignore the possibility of their system’s remote being faulty. So, if you try to use a broken remote to lower the temperature, it may appear as though your AC is faulty.


You can replace the remote battery to see if it works. If it doesn’t, you can replace your remote with another brand-specific one or buy a universal remote on Amazon.

The Thermostat is Defective

A thermostat detects temperature alterations. Smart thermostats control the HVAC system and lower or increase the temperature to suit each room’s needs. It senses the room temperature and hints to the compressor to start or stop the cooling cycle.

So, when the thermostat is defective, your AC may blow warm air where it needs to be cold. Moreover, someone may have been working on your AC and touched the thermostat.


Check if your thermostat is set to ‘cool’ and whether the preferred temperature is set lower than the room’s temperature.

Also, if your thermostat seems to have a faulty display, you can check the batteries and replace them.

Inspect the Circuit Breaker

This is an unlikely issue, but it may be worth checking. First, check the circuit breaker to see if it is set correctly.

Most circuit brakes have separate breakers for the indoor and outdoor units, so you should see that all the switch settings are correct.

Small Air Conditioner in a Large Space

One likely reason your AC doesn’t appear to be cooling your home is the size of the AC unit. If your house is small, it’s best to purchase a smaller unit. But larger spaces with several rooms should have larger units.

A small unit for a big room will exceed the air conditioner’s performance capability. This will be worse in peak summers. You can check the air conditioner’s BTU to determine if you have the right size for your home.

The Condensation Drain is Clogged

From the way air conditioners work, you should know that it removes humidity from the air through condensation. The moisture it has drawn has to go somewhere.

A condensation drain hose directs the water outside your house to a container or floor. This depends on your system.

Algae and mold can eventually block these moisture drains. When this happens, the AC will be unable to take out moisture and blow cold air. It can lead to a breakdown of the system.


Inspect the end of the condensation drain line for clogs. If it’s clogged, clear it carefully with a small pointed object like a screwdriver. But, be careful not to pierce the drain line.

If the clog appears higher, you can suction the end of the line with a shot-type vacuum. You can then pour a cup of white vinegar or baking soda into the condensation pan under the evaporator coils.

Clean Dirty Evaporator Coils

If you can feel your air conditioning unit running, but the air isn’t cooling, it may be due to a dirty evaporator or condenser coils. When the coils are dirty, it affects the system’s cold air output.

The condenser coils are usually in the outer compressor unit, while the evaporator coils are in the indoor blower unit.

It’s easier and safer to ask an HVAC technician to clean the coils when they are dirty. But if you want to fix it yourself, you can follow these steps.

  • Have the AC unit’s manual by your side and check the procedure.
  • Shut off the system at the breaker units. Make sure both the exterior and interior units are off.
  • Remove the metal panel housing the evaporator coils or the exterior compressor cage. Each system is different, so follow your manual.
  • Buy a non-rinse evaporator coil cleaner and spray it on the coils. This will foam up the coils and dissolve grime and dirt.
  • Allow it to run into a condensation pan in liquid form.
  • Do the same with a condenser coil cleaner for the outer compressor unit and rinse after.

Air Filter is Clogged

The air filter is an important fixture that helps to trap airborne particles and dirt in the air conditioner’s ductwork. Unfortunately, filters can get clogged with animal fur, particles, dust, etc.

This filter needs to be changed often — about three-month intervals — as it can get clogged. So, if you haven’t changed your filter in a while, the AC system won’t be able to draw in sufficient air to run. This will impede the airflow, and you won’t feel the impact of your AC.

Besides, the evaporator coil may become frozen and prevent your system from working properly.


Turn off your AC unit and take out the return air filter for inspection. If you can’t see the other side, you should replace it. An HVAC technician can easily do this.

But if you can see the other side, that’s not where the problem lies.

Dirty or Broken Compressor

The compressor circulates refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units. So, if the compressor starts malfunctioning, the indoor unit can’t blow cold air. You have to call an HVAC technician to replace this.

On the other hand, you should check for dirt around the compressor unit. The compressor unit is usually outside all year long, and the wind may have blown dry leaves and dirt under your compressor unit. Animals may also drag dirt to where it is. This will prevent it from drawing in the air properly.


Ensure that the compressor unit area isn’t overcrowded. Clear away all the debris, and weed out grass growing close to your unit. Also, don’t place objects on top of your compressor to enhance its performance.

Check for Duct Malfunctions

This is a likely problem in a central AC system. A central air system takes air from the main blower through the ducting into each room.

So, if a duct between a room register and the main blower is faulty, the cold air will be released before it reaches that room register. This means the room won’t receive the cold air.


Check if other rooms in the house are receiving air as they should. Then, you can examine the ductwork for a loose joint. If you find one, refit the ends of the joint and use duct tape to secure the new end.

But if this happens within a finished wall, you won’t be able to reach it on your own. Instead, you’ll need to call in an HVAC technician.

Other Likely Problems You Need a Technician For

There are situations where your troubleshooting will yield no result. In these cases, you need a professional to check your system’s internal components and fix the issue.

Some of them are:

Faulty High-Voltage Wire

The AC condenser depends on the high-voltage wire. The latter signals the condenser to come on when necessary.

So, the AC will not turn on if this wire is disconnected, loose, damaged, or faulty. But since the external unit is on, the system will push out room-temperature air.

Capacitor is Broken

A capacitor stores electrical energy and uses it to start the motor. When the capacitor is faulty, the AC unit won’t start up or be able to blow cool air.

Fan Motor is Faulty

The fan or fan motor blows icy cold air into the house. It also transfers the heat outside. Unfortunately, the AC can’t cool your house when the unit’s fan or fan motor is damaged.

Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a chemical that extracts heat and humidity from the indoor air before it reaches the outdoor system. So, a refrigerant leak can cause your AC unit to perform poorly. This can lead to a complete system breakdown.

However, refrigerant is a chemical, and the one in older systems may contain freon. Freon is dangerous, so only an EPA-certified technician can handle this problem for you.

Final Thoughts

Several problems can arise with an AC unit and cause it not to cool your Boca Raton home as it should. Some are more technical than others. Still, you should run a troubleshooting session to see if it’s an issue you can resolve on your own.

But it’s best to contact an HVAC technician. A technician will wholly check the system and solve all possible problems faster and more safely. Also, problems like a malfunctioning contractor, a broken capacitor, or a faulty outdoor disconnect will not be apparent to the average person.

Just find a good technician around you and have all your cooling problems fixed.

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