Your Coral Springs home’s water lines will age and deteriorate just like every other part of your house. The aging process makes water lines that much more vulnerable to the impact of cold temperatures, water pressure, movements in the ground, tree root growth, and even the buildup of minerals. Damaged water lines can result in decreased water pressure and discolored water. Though you might not be alarmed by these signs, they have the potential to necessitate emergency replacement. Our Coral Springs plumbers are here to inspect your home’s pipes, perform a replacement if necessary, and ensure your new water lines are perfectly functional.

Water Line Replacement Is Not a DIY Project

Thanks to the rise of the internet, we are living in a DIY (do it yourself) era. However, replacing the water line at your Coral Springs property is not the type of project you can handle on your own. Our plumbers in Coral Springs are here to evaluate your water lines, determine if they need to be replaced and get the job done right in the first attempt.

If you need any assistance with your water main, do the smart thing by asking our Coral Springs plumbers for assistance. The worst thing you can do is attempt to do the work on your own and end up inadvertently damaging your home’s plumbing system. You might even strike a utility line, resulting in electrocution or damage that compromises your Coral Springs home’s utilities.

Let’s take a quick look at the water line replacement tips and tricks.

1. The Trenchless Pipe Technique

The trenchless pipe approach addresses the majority of water line issues without making a massive mess in your yard. This approach often proves optimal for pipes that move below Coral Springs homes and landscaping. Whether your property’s water pipes have broken or cracked as a result of your home’s movement or a ground shift or if you need a larger water line for your expanding household, this minimally intrusive means of water line replacement will do the trick. The best part is the trenchless approach will not compromise your lawn, landscaping, or driveway as there is no need to dig a trench.

2. The Pipe Pull Installation Technique

In some cases, the replacement of aged water lines is best done with the pipe pull technique. This approach starts with making a small hole at the front and back of the pipe. The new pipe is guided into place by the damaged/aged water line. The replacement pipe is guaranteed to be in full compliance with local Coral Springs codes. This pipe will deflect emerging tree roots, resist chemicals, and most importantly, prevent costly and damaging leaks. Some water lines installed with the pipe pull technique last upwards of a century or longer.

3. A Combination of Methods

In some situations, a combination of water line replacement methods is necessary to get the job done right. Conventional approaches to water line repair modified with some of the latest tech advances produce water lines that prove functional and durable across posterity. The traditional approach to water line replacement is to dig up the leaky pipe for replacement. This approach has the potential to create a bit of a mess, yet in some cases, there is no other choice. The water lines are subsequently re-routed overhead by way of the walls and attic.

If the traditional approach proves optimal for your Coral Springs water line replacement project, water pressure tests on the line will be conducted. Excavations and re-routes are subsequently mapped out. If you dread the idea of even the slightest mess being made in your yard, don’t fret. In the majority of cases, Coral Springs homeowners can choose between a couple of different water line replacement options or a combination of the options with the assistance of our local plumbers.

4. Preventing Property Damage During Water Line Replacement

Our Coral Springs plumbers are trained to prevent property damage at all costs amidst water line excavation. We use everything from chipping hammers to shovels to carefully reveal the damaged water line. Dirt that is unnecessary for restoration is subsequently hauled away to ensure your Coral Springs property remains as clean as possible. Once the replacement pipe is tested, tunnels will be backfilled with tamping hammers to guarantee maximum compaction. In the end, your Coral Springs property will look exactly as it did before the water line replacement.


Just like most things, water lines deteriorate with time. However, fixing them is not your job. It is best to engage a quality plumbing service that can help by repairing or replacing your water lines to ensure that your plumbing system works optimally and your home is safe from water damage. Use the information mentioned above and engage professional plumbers to fix issues with your water main. After all, being smart is being safe.

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