Residents of Florida know just how warm the weather can get during the year. Fortunately, a well-functioning air conditioning unit7 Effective AC Maintenance Tips

The best time to attend to your AC unit’s maintenance needs is right before the beginning of the cooling season. Also, you should ensure that the power supply to the AC system’s condenser and evaporator assembly is turned off before you begin any maintenance work.

1. Change the Filter

One of the easiest, yet the most effective ways to keep your AC running in top form is simply changing its filters every month. Doing so will help decrease the burden on the unit.

A clogged or unclean filter will make your AC unit work harder compared to a clean one. Changing the filter once each month will do wonders not only for your AC, but also your budget. You will end up lowering your energy bills and boosting the lifespan of your unit.

2. Clean the Coils

The coils on the exterior of your AC unit should always be clean and devoid of obstructions. Sometimes, leaves, dust, pollen, and other debris can start clinging to it. This restricts the airflow and reduces the cooling efficiency of your unit. It may even lead to overheating issues as your unit will have to strain itself to cool your home.

You should clean your unit with a garden hose and broom. Avoid using pressure washer as that can damage your system. To clean the exterior of the condenser, you will have to open the fan cage/grill. You will have to remove the fasteners with the help of a screwdriver and clear out the dirt, leaves, and other debris from the internal portion with a dry or wet vacuum.

3. Trim Surrounding Shrubbery

It is recommended to rake back leaves and debris around the condenser, and cut any flora near the unit up to at least two feet in all directions. This is necessary to ensure adequate airflow around the unit.

When the condenser is not in use, like in winters, you should cover the top of the unit to prevent the debris from falling into it. However, avoid covering the unit’s sides completely as moisture can build up, resulting in corrosion. Make sure to remove the cover before using the unit.

4. Clean and Straighten the Fins

It is also important to clean the aluminum fins to remove built-up dirt or debris from between them. You can use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt settled on them. This can be followed by spraying through the fins with a gentle stream from a garden hose to clean them inside out. To remove stubborn dirt, you can use a commercially available fin-cleaning spray.

Also make sure to straighten the fins as bent fins can reduce the air-flow and hence, the cooling efficiency. You can do so by using a butter knife or a store-bought fin-straightening tool. Use these tools with great care to avoid damaging the fins and the tubing.

5. Condensate the Drains

It helps to pass a stiff wire through the AC unit’s drain channels every once in a while. Blocked drain channels hinder the unit from decreasing humidity, resulting in increased moisture levels inside your home.

6. Level the Unit

AC condenser units are typically place on a pad, which can start to slope at an angle over time as the soil below it continues to settle. If the condenser isn’t leveled properly, the compressor within can malfunction. To prevent this from happening, you need to regularly check the condenser for leveling. You should also use rot-resistant shims to adjust the leveling.

7. Consult an HVAC Professional

If you’re having trouble with maintaining your AC unit or in case of serious issues with it, you should have a trained HVAC technician take a look at it. Typically, these professionals will examine the control box, coils, compressor, tubing, and more. They will also inspect your unit’s internal parts to ensure they are functioning properly. A filter check is conducted, and refrigerant levels are checked as well as adjusted, if necessary. The technician will also clear the drain and clean your AC unit thoroughly.


During the hot months, the last thing you want to deal with is the discomfort due to your AC breaking down. Regular and proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit with the help of professional air conditioning services in Florida will not only help you save costs, you will also never have to deal with unexpected malfunctions. What you will get is clean, fresh indoor air and a unit that functions smoothly for years together.

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