Your thermostat helps to control the temperature of your system by telling it when to come on and go off.

A programmable thermostat controls absolutely the two systems in your home that use the most energy- your heating system and air conditioner. It lets you control your HVAC system for each weekday and set up the thermostat for when you are on holiday. But with all the options obtainable for setting your programmable thermostat, it is easy to get fogged.

Things You Should Know

  • A programmable thermostat, when properly configured, can save energy costs and money when heating and cooling your home.
  • Some programmable thermostats have unique scheduling styles: 5-2 models, meaning you program Monday through Friday the same and the weekend differently. 5-1-1 models permit different programming on Saturday and Sunday, and 7-day models are the most flexible.
  • Before you set your thermostat, take note of your and your family’s schedule. If someone is home, it may not be practicable to let the thermostat increase or decrease the temperature during that time.


Install Backup Battery.

Your thermostat is wired in with your HVAC system, but if your power goes off, you will lose all the memory in the system. To dodge this, install batteries.

Set Date and Time.

You can then set the date and time on your thermostat. If not, the system may not work.

Use the Manual to Familiarize Yourself with Your Thermostat.

Be guided by the manufacturer’s instructions. Glance through the manual that came with the equipment. It will help you to discover precisely how your specific thermostat works. On most units, there will be two settings (for the heating and cooling) and a fan setting (whether the fan continuously runs or only when heating and cooling). So, you will want to understand how to work each.

Program Your Desired Weekday Temperature Schedule.

Go to your thermostat, set the switch to heat or cool, and choose a program. You can set the thermostat to a specific day and time. Then also, tune the temperature differently for each time of day. For instance, decrease the temperature when you leave the house. Then when you are set to get home from work, you may want your home warmer, so you increase the temperature. You will have to do this step in both the heat and cool settings.

Repeat the Process for Weekends.

Fix the temperature for weekends in the same manner. You will want to have the HVAC system run more if you are home during the weekend since most people tend to be home more during the weekend or if it is a weekend home. You can adjust it to your individual needs.

Press the program button until it reaches Saturday. You can use a temporary override to adjust the temperature if you leave the house during the day.

  • Then, you can program the settings for those two days. Some units only have a weekend mode that controls both days, while others offer individual curation.

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