The demand for office and home air conditioning is growing rapidly. According to Statista, in 2018, the global demand for air conditioners stood at 110.97 million units worldwide. The demand will continue to grow as temperatures around the globe continue to rise. Once considered a luxury, air conditioning has now become a necessity.

If you are thinking of getting an air conditioning system for your house, ductless air conditioning will be your best bet. As a Boca Raton air conditioning expert, we have come across many customers insisting on installing a ductless system. The popularity of ductless heating and cooling systems seems to be rising steadily.

In this post, we will discuss what a ductless air conditioning system is, its benefits, and how much it will cost.

A. What Is Ductless Air Conditioning System?

As the name suggests, a ductless air conditioning system doesn’t require ducts or vents to deliver hot or cold air into your house. It works similarly to a central air conditioning system.

Instead of ducts, it uses a refrigerant line, suction tubing, power cable, and condensate drain line to connect the indoor cooling/heating unit with the outdoor compressor. The evaporator coil and fan are located in the same unit.

Usually, a ductless Boca Raton air conditioning system will comprise the following units:

  • Indoor Unit: The indoor unit is the cooling/heating device. You need to install individual cooling/heating units for each room in your house. It will most likely be a wall-mount unit.
  • Outdoor Unit: The outdoor unit consists of a compressor. Usually, only one compressor unit is used per house. In most systems, one outdoor unit can be connected to four indoor units.
  • Remote: Each indoor cooling/heating unit comes with its remote to control temperature and other available settings.

A ductless air conditioning system is also known as a ductless mini-split system, ductless HVAC system, and mini-split air conditioner, among others.

B. Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning in Boca Raton

The ductless mini-split system can be used in homes as well as offices. These systems offer a few unique benefits, setting them apart from their traditional counterparts.

These benefits include:

  • Quick Installation : Compared to traditional HVAC systems, the installation of ductless systems takes relatively less time. It is also relatively less labor-intensive as there is no ductwork involved.
  • Higher Energy Efficiency: These systems are also more energy-efficient as you can switch off the individual cooling/heating units that are not in use. They also use variable speed compressors that maintain a consistent room temp.
  • Better Air Quality: Ducts are a haven for dust and debris, requiring frequent cleanups. The dust and debris also lower the air quality in your house. A ductless mini-split system, however, never causes dust and debris accumulation. Most systems also come with multi-layer air filters that remove most of the air pollutants, resulting in better air quality.
  • Requires Less Space: Ductless Boca Raton air conditioning also requires less space compared to traditional HVAC systems. That’s why it is often a suitable air conditioning solution for small apartments and houses.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: When it comes to traditional HVAC systems, cleaning the ducts and vents is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. However, if you have a ductless system, you simply need to keep the filters and vents of the indoor units clean, apart from cleaning the outdoor unit. It is relatively easy and less time-consuming.

C. Breaking up the Cost of Ductless Air Conditioning Unit Installation

Now that you have understood what a ductless system is and its benefits, let’s see how much your ductless air conditioning system will cost. The cost of the mini-split system will depend on a variety of factors such as

  • Your current infrastructure and the size of your house. For example, a four-bedroom house will require a bigger unit and more labor than a two-bedroom house.
  • The time and labor required to run refrigerant lines, control wiring, and electrical connections through the wall will also affect the installation cost.
  • Power requirements may also add to the installation costs. For example, if you don’t have a GFCI outlet for the condensing unit, you will need to install one first.
  • The type of ductless air conditioning unit you buy will also change the overall costs. For example, some energy-efficient ACs may cost more, but they will help you save on energy bills in the long run. You may also get rebates, if applicable.

The bottom-line is you should ask your Boca Raton air conditioning service provider for a detailed cost estimate. Usually, the service provider will give you a final estimate after a home visit. The actual on-site inspection will help your contractor take into account any additional expenses if needed.

Parting Words

Air conditioning is a must nowadays. Ductless air conditioning is one of the best and most affordable solutions for homeowners. This post will help you understand what a ductless system is, the benefits it offers, and how much it will cost you. Hopefully, this information will help you make the right decision.

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