With dozens of thermostat options in the marketplace today, deciding among the various models can be a research project. Some of the most popular models are smart thermostats. Connecting to the internet, these devices offer advanced features to please nearly any homeowner. Learn about the top 12 main benefits of smart thermostats and why it’s worth getting one.

1. User-Friendly Displays

A major benefit of smart thermostats is their bright and intuitive displays. Touchscreens with clear numbers and functions allow any resident to control the HVAC system during the day or night. In the past, thermostats often had hidden buttons, toggle switches and confusing interfaces.

Today, smart thermostats provide a display that can be lit at all times with varying information, such as indoor and outdoor temperatures. Alternatively, program the thermostat to only display information when you approach the device. As a result, the thermostat is a subtle feature instead of a focal point in a hallway or entryway.

2. Learning Capabilities

Most households have certain routines throughout the week. For example, you might run the HVAC system on a low setting during the weekdays when everyone is at work or school. On the weekends, the HVAC system is more active.

After our technicians install your smart thermostat, they can run its learning program. Over time, the system logs how it’s being activated or adjusted each day. As a result, the thermostat responds by activating itself according to the schedule it learned over time. For busy households, this learning feature keeps the home comfortable year-round.

3. Personalizing the Device to Your Property’s Features

Every home has a unique layout and corresponding HVAC system. Matching these details to your thermostat can provide the household with a well-calibrated system that’s free of any cold or hot spots. Remarkably, many smart thermostats have advanced features for customizing the system.

Depending on the smart thermostat, input your home’s location, square footage and HVAC system’s details. Information as specific as heat pumps, forced-air furnaces and other features can help the thermostat control your indoor climate with relative accuracy. Naturally, our Florida team can program your smart thermostat when we install it.

4. Incoming Weather Tracking

A unique feature of some smart thermostats is weather tracking. As a storm approaches, the thermostat can consider this fact. If it’s a tropical storm, the system might turn the AC up for a more comfortable interior, for instance.

In this case, there’s no need to manually adjust the thermostat. It performs these minor adjustments, which leaves the climate at an enjoyable humidity and temperature. Our Boca Raton team can explain these features and set them up as necessary.

5. App-Controlled Features

One of the best features of smart thermostats is the app-controlled functions. Now, you aren’t limited to adjusting the HVAC system at the display. Simply download the device’s app onto your phone.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can adjust the system whether you’re home or on vacation. After installation, our team can show you how to access the device through the app. Typically, the app’s interface is similar to the display’s layout. You can adjust the settings if a cold front or heatwave approaches so that you’re comfortable as you walk in the front door, for instance.

6. Setting Your Own Schedule

Because smart thermostats give you app connectivity, you can set your own climate schedules. For example, analyze your energy usage through the app. Depending on the device, the data might reveal energy used, activation duration and much more.

With this information, manually adjust your usage schedule for optimal comfort and cost savings. If you have any questions, Erica's Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Restoration can consult with your family. Allow us to dive deep into the scheduling program so you feel like a professional with the smart thermostat.

7. Available Energy Reports

Many smart thermostats include monthly energy reports, which are emailed to you. Overall, the reports offer graphs reflecting your energy usage. Once you have several months of data, the reports can compare energy use as the seasons change.

Furthermore, the reports offer helpful tips for energy conservation based on your habits. This personalized information can make a huge difference in your energy bills. Speak to our Florida team if you have any questions about reports, their frequency or their accuracy.

8. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

A popular benefit of smart thermostats is their energy efficiency. Because they offer accurate reports and simple temperature adjustments, you can alter your energy use so that it fits within your budget. By altering your heating or cooling temperatures by only one or two degrees, you can save money on each electric bill.

9. Compatibility and Upgrading Your HVAC System

If you have other smart devices in the home, you’ll discover that most smart thermostats are compatible with them. Your phone or tablet should connect with the thermostat display, for instance. There’s no need to match manufacturers among all your smart devices, which simplifies any household setup.

Also, you can upgrade your HVAC system with an air purifier or other device without any compatibility concerns. Today’s smart thermostats can communicate with upgraded components through wires or wireless connections. At Erica's Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Restoration, we can discuss your particular components and how they connect easily.

10. Motion-Sensing Options

A fascinating feature of some smart thermostats is motion-sensing components. Within the display, motion sensors detect when your family is active in the home. Because most families have a routine, the thermostat records this information.

With this information, the thermostat can teach itself when to activate for heating or cooling. Over time, you don’t need to adjust the settings each time you enter or leave the home. The thermostat does the work for you.

11. Opting for Voice Commands

When your hands are full, use voice commands to adjust your smart thermostat. This feature is particularly helpful for busy households where you may not be near the display or your phone. Simply call out a command, and the smart thermostat responds.

If you aren’t familiar with voice commands, our technicians can go over the system’s features. They can discuss setup and practice basic commands. Ultimately, this feature might be used by most residents compared to the app or the display.

12. Helpful Maintenance Reminders

A helpful feature found in many models today is maintenance reminders. Depending on the smart thermostat, these reminders might involve annual inspections or regular filter maintenance. These reminders might appear on the thermostat’s display or through the app.

When a reminder appears, our team can schedule an appointment based on that data. Regular maintenance prolongs your system’s lifespan. Also, we can inspect other areas so that every component operates at optimal levels.

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