Although most people have heard of sump pumps, it’s surprising how many people don’t know what they are. If your home or office isn’t equipped with a sump pump, familiarize yourself with the basics and consult with an experienced Coral Springs plumber. Water damage is expensive, inconvenient to repair, and can lead to mold and mildew issues that are difficult to eliminate. A sump pump helps prevent water damage, and that is always a good thing.

Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a trusty electrical appliance that is installed under a basement floor or a crawlspace. A Sump pump collects groundwater before that groundwater can threaten your home or office with flooding and water damage. A sump pump is typically situated in a hole below a basement’s main surface where water will naturally drain into the pit that’s been specially constructed for this purpose. Sump pumps have a mechanism – often a flotation system – that causes them to turn on automatically and begin pumping out water once that water reaches a certain level. Ultimately, the excess water is pumped out of the pit and through a hose into an area outside your home – where it can safely drain away from your foundation.

Who Needs a Sump Pump?

Even if your basement has never flooded, a sump pump might still be a good idea. Many homes that haven’t flooded experience wetness and/or moisture below the ground. Even moisture that doesn’t cause actual flooding can do considerable damage to your home or office. Typically, this moisture seeps in from cracks in the foundation and can ultimately lead to excessive moisture or even flooding. Moisture can lead to issues with mold and mildew that not only cause unpleasant odors and structural damage but are also associated with health issues.

The Insurance Information Institute (III) shares that 29.5 percent of losses to homeowners insurance policies (in terms of property damage) in 2016 were caused by water damage and freezing pipes. That’s the highest percentage of all the categories, and the same was true in 2014 and 2015. Additionally, water damage averages out to be among the most expensive homeowner insurance claims. Water damage happens; consult with a professional Coral Springs plumber about having a sump pump installed.

Mold and Mildew

You naturally want to avoid having your home flood, but keeping out excess wetness or moisture is also important. You don’t have to have full-on flooding to end up with mold and mildew, and they can wreak their brand of damage that is particularly difficult to eliminate:

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds that mold can lead to skin and eye irritations, nasal stuffiness, and coughing and/or wheezing.
  • The CDC also shares that some people – especially those with compromised immune systems or who have chronic lung problems – are more susceptible to health issues caused by mold.
  • Mold can ultimately damage the walls and floors upon which it grows.

When water seeps into your home – whether in the form of flooding or moisture in your basement – it’s a problem, but a professionally installed quality sump pump can help.

Having Your Sump Pump Installed

While you can purchase a sump pump and install it yourself as a DIY project, this is rarely in the best interest of your home or office. A professional plumber will assess your home’s needs and will work with you to determine the model and installation process that is right for you. A sump pump can protect you from the ravages of flooding, and you don’t want to leave its installation to chance. Having a quality sump pump professionally installed by an experienced Coral Gables plumber will leave you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re better protected from flooding and moisture.

Sump Pumps: Repairs and Maintenance

Like anything else, your sump pump can become less effective and less efficient over time. Because a sump pump is something you depend upon to protect your home, scheduling regular professional maintenance and repairs (as required) will help ensure that your sump pump is always at the ready – whenever you may need it.

If You Have Questions about Sump Pumps, an Experienced Coral Springs Plumber Has Answers

The dedicated plumbing professionals at Erica's Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Restoration in Coral Springs have the skill and commitment to customer service to help you assess your sump pump needs and to effectively and efficiently install the unit that’s right for you. A sump pump can protect your home from water damage, and we’re here to help. For more information please contact or call us at (561) 782-2779 today.

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