The pipes in and below your Boca Raton home may have been repaired in the past yet you might not know about it until plumbing drama unfolds in the form of a burst pipe, a significant clog, a leak, or another plumbing emergency. Though it is challenging to determine if pipe repair has occurred, some clues will help you piece together the puzzle of your home plumbing. Below, we detail some of the most common signs that indicate home plumbing has undergone repair. However, if you have any doubt about the age, condition, or integrity of your home plumbing system, it is better to ask our professionals for an in-depth analysis rather than attempting a DIY assessment.

1) Portions of the Exposed Pipe are Visually Different

In some cases, you can tell whether part of the pipe in question or the entire pipe has been repaired by performing a simple visual inspection. Take a look at the connecting parts of the pipe you are concerned with. If the sections of the pipe do not match one another, part of the pipe has likely been repaired or replaced. Furthermore, if the aesthetic of the pipe in question does not match the look of the rest of the pipes in your home, it might have been repaired or replaced.

2) The Plumber’s Analysis Reveals Repair was Likely Performed

The most obvious indication of pipe repair in Boca Raton is the testimony of your professional plumber. Let an experienced plumber take a look at your home’s plumbing system and he or she will let you know if one or several pipes have been repaired. Though the plumber might not be 100% certain that a repair has been performed, this expert’s trained eye will be able to identify the common signs of pipe repair. Do not hesitate to ask our local plumbers in Boca Raton to perform a comprehensive analysis of your home’s pipes. We will determine if pipe repair has been performed, give you an idea of how long your pipes are likely to last, and perform any additional repairs or replacements necessary to ensure the functionality and reliability of your home plumbing system.

3) Insufficient Water Flow or Pressure

Low water flow or pressure is another clue that one or several pipes have been damaged. Oftentimes, the homeowner relies on a local handyman, or an amateur plumber or even attempts a DIY repair of the pipe in question. The failure to properly address the overarching problem results in substandard water flow/pressure. If your home plumbing system does not have the proper water pressure or flow, it will prove quite annoying. This is the type of plumbing problem that requires an in-depth analysis from our plumbing team. There are numerous potential causes of poor water flow or pressure so do not make any assumptions. It is better to rely on our local plumbers in Boca Raton rather than attempt a DIY pipe analysis or repair.

4) The Water Bill is Unusually High

If your home water bill is higher than it should be, there is a chance the plumber or another individual who worked on the home’s pipes performed an insufficient repair. It is also possible the repair improved the situation yet did not completely remedy the underlying issue. If your water bill seems high, do not hesitate to reach out to our Boca Raton plumbers to determine if there has been one or several repairs that merely masked the problem instead of eliminating it.

5) An Odd Odor

If you notice any funky odors emanating from your pipes or other parts of your Boca Raton home plumbing system, it is a sign of an underlying problem. Perhaps the pipe was leaking and subsequently repaired. It is possible the pipe still has a minor leak that is leading to the formation of mildew or mold that results in the musty odor. The bottom line is musty odors are a strong indication of either moisture pockets that formed due to the cracked pipe or water damage the prior homeowner failed to properly address. This is the type of project our plumbers in Boca Raton can handle on your behalf. We will put an end to your plumbing woes for good.

6) Visible Signs of Water Damage

Water spots and/or discoloration along the ceilings, walls, and/or floor are signs water has leaked from your home plumbing system in the past. Even if you do not see any new spots form, the fact that such spots or discoloration are present in the first place is a clear sign there was a plumbing problem in the past. There is a good chance the prior homeowner attempted to repair the problem without paying for a full replacement.

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