A clogged drain has the potential to ruin your day and possibly even damage a room in your Coral Springs home. If your drain is clogged, do not wallow in self-pity. You are not powerless in this unfortunate situation. Remain calm, review your options, and you just might be able to unclog your drain.

However, if your drain is still clogged after trying the suggestions detailed below, our Coral Springs plumbing service is here to help. Our 24-hour emergency plumbers in Coral Springs are at your service to clear your drains and solve your other plumbing problems.

1. Considering a Chemical Drain Cleaner? Think Again

Resist the temptation to pour a cheap chemical drain cleaner down the drain with the hope it will work. It is always better to use a plunger, snake, or rely on the plumbing professionals in Coral Springs than use a chemical drain cleaner. The little-known truth is that the majority of chemical drain cleaners will damage pipes and even compromise human health.

Certain chemical drain cleaners interact with aluminum and produce a potentially harmful gas. This gas can solidify within the pipes of your Coral Springs home and prove extremely difficult to remove. In some cases, mixing chemical drain cleaners with other cleaners can lead to the mixture bursting out of the drain. Our Coral Springs plumbing service is here to ensure these nightmares do not become your reality.

2. The Hot Water Approach to Unclogging a Drain

It may be possible to unclog the drain by simply using hot water and relying on gravity. Most bathroom sink clogs are the result of either long hair or toothpaste accumulating down below. Consider filling the basin with hot water for a quick DIY solution. Wait until the hot water fills the tub or sink. Once the water has reached the top, unplug the sink drain. Ideally, the hot water will move on down, clearing out the drain clog with simple gravity. If the clog does not clear, try it again, this time with some dish soap mixed in to help loosen the clog.

However, it is important to note that pouring boiling water down a clogged drain has the potential to backfire. If your home has PVC pipes, the heat from boiling water might cause the joints to loosen. It is also a mistake to dump boiling water in a porcelain sink as doing so can cause it to crack. If you try this approach, use hot water as opposed to boiling water. Pour the water straight down the drain hole and give it some time to clear out the clog.

3. Use a Kitchen Plunger

If hot water and gravity do not do the trick, it is time to use a kitchen plunger. Fill a part of the sink with water. Press the top of the plunger over the drain opening with vigor, several times over before rapidly pulling it off the drain. You can now determine if the clog has been cleared. If the clog is still present, pour hot water down the pipe once again in an attempt to clear out the clog.

4. Use a Snake or Cable Auger

If the clog seems farther down the pipe, you will likely have to use a plumber’s snake or cable auger. This lengthy flexible steel cable winds around a spool equipped with a hand crank. You can find cable augers measuring upwards of 100 feet. Thankfully, the typical Coral Springs household drain clog will not require a plumber’s snake any longer than 25 feet. Move the snake down into the drain, working it around in each direction as you try to clear the clog. Pull the snake out of the drain. There is a good chance you will find hair wounds around the snake and the drain clear.

5. Clean the P-Trap

Each sink drainpipe has a p-trap located along its curve. You will likely find the p-trap in the cabinet below the sink. Buildup in the p-trap just might be the cause of the clog. Unfasten the trap from the pipe, clean it out, and put it back in position. Water might flow freely through the drain now that the trap is clear.

6. Wet/Dry Vacuum

You can use a wet/dry vacuum (this is designed especially for wet and dry work) to unclog your drain by switching the “wet” setting on and pushing the nozzle down the drain as far as possible. Simply switch the vacuum on so it pulls out the clog from your drain.

7. Baking Soda and Vinegar:

The baking soda and vinegar solution can work wonders for unclogging a drain. All you need to do is pour ½ cup of baking soda down your drain, followed by 2 cups of white vinegar. The solution should start simmering, so exercise proper caution. This combination melts the grease buildup, leaving your drain clog-free. After 15 minutes, pour hot water down your drain to wash away any remaining debris.


Just like the other areas of your home, your plumbing system needs to be cared for as well. A clogged drain is never good news, and homeowners may want to take quick steps to clear the block and prevent any damage to their house. The above quick fixes should help in this regard. However, drainage clogs can be stubborn. If you think your clogging issue is going to need more attention, do not hesitate to engage professional and experienced plumbers on the job right away.

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