We have all been there: you step into the shower after a long day at work or a grueling session at the gym, turn on the water, and find there is insufficient pressure. Water pressure problems in the shower are certainly annoying yet low water pressure from faucets, hoses, and other water sources throughout your house is also problematic. This is not the type of problem that you have to live with for the rest of your life. Below, our Delray Beach plumbers identify a few helpful ways to improve your home’s water pressure.

Adjust the Water Pressure Reduction Valve

If the water pressure is low throughout the entirety of your home, the cause of the problem just might be located near the water source itself. A water pressure reduction valve might be connected to the primary water line by the point at which it enters your home. However, this valve is not present in every single home. If your home has such a valve, there is a good chance it will eventually fall out of its prior adjustment, malfunction, or break. Though you can attempt to readjust the water pressure reduction valve back to the setting you selected when first adjusting it, there is no shame in asking for help. Our Delray Beach plumbing team is here to correct the water pressure reduction valve or repair it as necessary.

Repair/Replace a Faulty Diverter Valve

The vast majority of homeowners who have a shower and bathtub combination unit also have a diverter valve. The diverter valve is a switch or knob that sends water from the bathtub faucet upwards to the shower head. Such a valve can break or malfunction after several years of service. If the valve cannot open sufficiently to transmit all of the necessary water pressure to the shower head, it must be addressed right away. Water that flows from the tub faucet at a significantly different pressure than the water emanating from the shower head is likely the result of a malfunctioning diverter valve. Our Delray Beach plumbers are here to analyze and repair your home’s diverter valve. If necessary, we will replace your broken or aged diverter valve with a new one.

Understand the Limitations to the Pressure Balancing Valve

Your shower is equipped with a pressure-balancing valve if it has a single handle or knob that controls the flow and temperature of the water. If you have such a valve in your shower, you face a higher risk of water pressure interruptions resulting from the use of other fixtures in the bathroom. As an example, flushing the toilet can cause the shower water pressure and/or temperature to change in mere seconds. The pressure balancing valve combines cold and hot water at a specific pressure level. As the toilet flushes, cold water is redirected to fill the tank, spurring a drop in pressure in the cold water line. The pressure balancing valve needs at least a few seconds to adjust accordingly. Water is likely to become that much hotter during this period as the valve is not receiving the necessary amount of cold water.

When the pressure-balancing valve adjusts, it decreases the pressure stemming from the hot water line, leading to an overarching reduction in pressure. Thankfully, there is another shower valve available to sidestep this problem. The thermostatic mixing valve provides separate controls for the water pressure and the water temperature. Reach out to our Delray Beach plumbing specialists to learn more about how to upgrade to such a valve.

There Might be a Pipe Obstruction or a Pipe Break

Reduced water pressure in the shower and/or other parts of your home just might be the result of a broken pipe. A leak from a broken pipe can cause significant damage, much of which might not even be visible. Do you hear water running throughout your home where it should not run? Perhaps you notice water stains or dripping water that appears out of the blue. If you spot any such red flags, turn off your home’s water supply by way of the main valve. Contact our Delray Beach pipe repair crew right away for emergency service.

Erica's Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Restoration Will Restore Your Water Pressure to Normal

Whether you have a water pressure problem, a leaky pipe, rusty water, or any other plumbing challenge, you should know that help is a phone call away. Do not make the common mistake of attempting to solve these complex problems on your own. DIY plumbing repair attempts often exacerbate the underlying problem(s). Instead, give our Delray Beach plumbers a call. Dial (561) 782-2779 today to schedule an appointment or request emergency service.

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