You can do everything right in the context of home plumbing and still end up with wayward tree roots damaging the pipes below your property. Uprooting every single tree on your land is not the solution to this surprisingly common problem. Let’s take a quick look at what you can do to keep those tree roots under control and ultimately prevent damage to your plumbing in Coral Springs.

Abide by a Regular Schedule of Inspection and Maintenance

Pay for ongoing inspection and maintenance and you will minimize the chances of expensive sewer repairs. The frequent inspection provides you with a look at the interior structure of the pipes. This way, tree roots will prove less likely to move into the sewer pipes and expand even further. If it is too late and the tree roots have delved deeply into your sewer pipe or other plumbing components, lean on our plumbers in Coral Springs for repair/replacement.

Form a Barrier

Establish a barrier between the tree roots and the sewer line and you will rest easy knowing the pipes below the surface of your property are well-protected. Effective barriers such as slow-release chemicals really will prevent tree roots from moving into the sewer line. Such chemicals reduce the rate at which roots grow near your home’s sewer line, ultimately preventing those roots from moving through the pipes and causing havoc. It is also possible to use metal/wood barriers by burying them upwards of a foot deeper than the pipes. Metal/wood barriers that run up-and-down along the sewer line will stop the roots from making their way into the sewer pipes.

Find out the Location of the Sewer Line

It is imperative you know where the sewer line is located on your property. Once you know where the sewer line is, you will be able to avoid this area when planting trees and digging. If you do not know the location of your property’ sewer line, the workers at the local sewer department will be able to help. Meet with a sewer department employee to find out exactly where the sewer line is located and how deep it goes.

Plant the Right Type of Trees on Your Property

Though you cannot specifically buy trees meant to grow in a manner that bypasses your sewer line, there are some types of trees that are better for Coral Springs plumbing. Be careful when planning your home landscaping. When in doubt, consult with our plumbers in Coral Springs, FL along with local landscaping specialists for help choosing the optimal tree types for your yard. When carefully planned, your landscaping will prevent subsequent sewer line issues that lead to costly repairs and plenty of frustration.

It will help to limit the number of trees you plant in your yard. If you decide to plant new trees, keep a safe distance between them and the sewer pipes to minimize the chances of tree roots growing into those pipes. It will also help to select trees with diminutive root balls as they tend to grow slower than other types. Ideally, the trees you plant will be at least 10 feet away from the sewer line so there is ample space for the root system to grow.

In terms of the best tree types to prevent damage to Coral Springs plumbing, those that are comparably diminutive and slow-growing are optimal. As an example, cypress, paperbark maple, flowering dogwood, fringetree, amur maple and serviceberry trees grow fairly slowly. Alternatively, cottonwood, sycamore, aspen, sweetgum and certain species of magnolia grow faster.

Mechanically Remove the Tree Roots

It is possible to halt tree growth or even remove the roots with the right tools and strategy. If tree roots have already moved into the sewer line, their growth still might be manageable. Lean on our plumbers to help you control root growth and ward off additional tree root damage. The mechanical removal of tree roots that have already breached sewer pipes is challenging yet certainly possible with the proper tools. This approach will mitigate subsequent tree root growth and clean the interior of your pipes to boot.

When in Doubt, Opt for a Camera Inspection

If you suspect tree roots have made it to the sewer line or are nearing the sewer line, do the smart thing by asking for assistance from our Coral Springs plumbers. Reach out to us and we will perform a sewer line video inspection. We will pinpoint the problem, perform the necessary repair and possibly save you thousands of dollars worth of sewer line damage. The little bit you pay for a camera inspection and repair will pale in comparison to the cost of extensive sewer line damage or a full sewer line replacement.

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