If you are planning on building a new home shortly or have recently purchased a new home, you should be mindful of the property’s plumbing system. Treat the plumbing system properly and it will provide years of service with minimal repairs and optimal functionality.

The worst thing you can do is completely ignore your new home’s plumbing system, assuming it will function perfectly simply because the home is brand new. Neglect your home’s plumbing system and it is only a matter of time until something goes wrong, zaps your savings, and makes life that much more difficult.

Follow these plumbing tips for your new Coral Springs home to maximize the performance and efficiency of your plumbing system.

1. Choose the Right Plunger

Too many new homeowners in Coral Springs fail to buy a plunger either due to forgetfulness or due to the assumption the new plumbing system will function without flaws. Some homeowners make the mistake of choosing the cheapest plunger on the shelf. Your new home in Coral Springs needs a high-quality plunger in each bathroom. Spend on a reliable plunger and you will be able to address those nasty clogs and blocks in toilets, tubs, and sinks. Ideally, you will have a cup plunger to clear sinks and a flange plunger for your toilet.

2. Locate the Water Main at the New Property

As a new homeowner, you are responsible for knowing the exact location of your home’s water supply. You need to know the water supply’s location to stop the flow of water right away should an emergency strike. Otherwise, your home is at risk of flooding when a pipe bursts or another plumbing problem rears its ugly head. If you cannot find the water main at your new home in Coral Springs, take a look at the property’s inspection report. The water main should be noted in this report.

Once you find the location of the water main on the report, look for it in person so you have a memory you can reference when a plumbing emergency such as a burst pipe arises. When in doubt, check the basement of your new Coral Springs property as this is the most common site for water main shut-off valves. If any objects are stored in front of the water main, move them aside so you have a clear path to this important part of your Coral Springs home.

3. Do Not Clog the Drain

Be mindful of the damage, time, and drama that can be caused by a clogged drain. Never dump oil, grease, fats, or other liquids into the kitchen drain or garbage disposal as they can cause significant damage. If a pipe is blocked, you will end up with a slew of plumbing problems at your new Coral Springs home. Let all the fat, grease, and oils cool down before trashing them in the garbage can.

4. Be Careful When Setting and Adjusting the Water Temperature

You will undoubtedly be tempted to turn up the water heater during the winter. If you turn your shower nozzle to the extreme “H” for heat and it is still too cool for your liking, you might head to the water heater to perform an adjustment. This DIY attempt to heat your water has the potential to backfire in a big way. You can easily be scalded if the water is too hot. Gradually increase the water temperature little by little so you or a loved one do not end up with painful scalding.

5. Exercise Caution When Replacing Parts

Certain plumbing parts may need repairs and, in some cases, complete replacement if they’re beyond repair. While you may think that replacing them is a walk in the park and be tempted to perform a DIY job, know that even a single mistake can result in things going wrong. Flooding and water damage are some of the worst-case scenarios. It is necessary to be well aware of your plumbing system and its workings before you take up the task of replacing parts yourself.

6. Check for Leaks

Leaks may seem like a small issue, but ignoring them can be disastrous for your home and your peace of mind. While some leaks are easy to detect, the smaller ones hiding behind walls aren’t. Of course, there are various signs of leaking pipes and faucets you can watch out for and detect the leaks accordingly. One of the most common signs is water dripping and gathering in one place. Acquaint yourself with all such indicators to ensure that your leaking pipes and/or faucets are fixed in time.

7. Never Over-Tighten the Fittings

Plumbing parts should be tightened adequately to prevent loose and leaky fittings. However, over-tightening them may damage your new system and it may have to be repaired or replaced completely. To steer clear of this issue, ensure that you never make the mistake of over-tightening the plumbing fittings.


Your home’s plumbing system needs due care and attention or else it may either underperform or start breaking down in no time. While certain DIY plumbing maintenance methods may work sometimes, complex jobs are best left to professional plumbers. With their thorough knowledge of how plumbing systems work and the technology they employ to detect plumbing problems, they will provide you with quick, long-term solutions.

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