If you’ve recently pulled up stakes and moved into a new home or office, there are some plumbing pointers for you to take into consideration. Whatever your situation, it’s useful to acquaint yourself with your new plumbing system. Remember, too, that it’s in your best interest to have an Coral Springs plumber take a look at your new plumbing early on ­– he or she will alert you to any problems and will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your plumbing is in the hands of a skilled plumbing professional.

First Things First: Find the Water Main

Find the water main in your new home or office. If you ever have a leak, burst pipe, or other plumbing emergency, the first line of defense is nearly always to turn off the water at the main. In many homes, you’ll find the water main in the basement. Once you’ve located your water main, pay attention to it, and as you’re moving in, make sure that it remains easily accessible – don’t stack boxes or other items near it. You need to be able to access your water main with ease.

Be Kind to Your New Drains

When moving into a new home or office, it’s a good idea to take your plumbing into consideration right from the start. Begin by being kind to the drains in your kitchen and bathrooms. Treating your drains with care is always a good habit, and there are two very important of steps you can take:

  1. Moving is hectic, but don’t let the turmoil tempt you into taking unnecessary shortcuts like pouring hot cooking grease down your drain or garbage disposal. Fats are very damaging to drains and can quickly lead to blockages that are malodorous, inconvenient, and costly to repair. You’ll be much better off if you allow the cooking fat to cool and harden before disposing of it in your garbage.
  2. The drains in your showers or baths can quickly build up with hair, which slows drainage considerably. Drain traps come in a nearly infinite variety of sizes and styles, and these handy, inexpensive devices can help keep your shower drains running smoothly.

Check Your Water Temperature

You want your water to be nice and warm when you jump in the shower or do a load of laundry, but don’t be tempted to crank up the heat on your water heater right out of the gate. Give your water temperature a whirl before you consider tinkering with it. Water that is too hot is dangerous – especially if you have children. If you need to make an adjustment to your water temperature, do so incrementally, so you don’t accidentally set the heat too high.

Have the Plungers You Need on Hand

Sometimes drains and toilets become clogged, and sometimes they’re a fairly easy fix that you can take care of with the right plunger (and sometimes they’re not). The classic red rubber plunger that you are no doubt familiar with is called a cup plunger and it is what you should use if you have a slow or clogged drain (it’s less effective for toilets).

A toilet plunger or flange plunger is the bigger black rubber plunger. Although it’s called a toilet plunger, it is flexible enough to be effective in most situations. Always, however, keep the plunger you use for your sinks separate from the plunger you use for your toilets. Moving into a new home or office provides you with a good opportunity to splash out and purchase new sink and toilet plungers – they lose elasticity and become more brittle and less effective over time.

Schedule an Appointment with an Coral Springs Plumber

If you’re moving into a new home or office, the best thing you can do for your plumbing system is to hire an experienced Coral Springs plumber to take a look around, provide you with pertinent information about where to find the water main and how to adjust your water temperature, and to alert you to any potential plumbing problems that you could encounter in the future.

If You’re Moving into a New Home or Office, Get off to a Great Start by Consulting with a Plumber in Coral Springs

You have a new home or office, and that’s a great feeling. Allow the plumbing professionals at Erica’s Plumbing and Restoration in Coral Springs, to help ensure that you are on the right track with your new plumbing system. We’re here to help – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – so please contact or call us today.

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