Once your flood event is over, be it a storm, faulty plumbing or another water-related drama, it is time to attack the mold lurking below the many surfaces in your home. In fact, there might even be mold in your furniture, drywall and other areas with minimal or no visibility. Fail to remove the mold after water damage in Florida and your health will be negatively impacted, your home’s structure will be compromised and it will be awfully difficult to sell the home for what it should be worth when the day comes to move on to new digs. Below, our mold experts explain how mold is removed after water damage in Florida.

1. Mold Removal Starts With a Phone Call to the Professionals

In some situations, you can see the visible mold that formed after the water damage in Florida. However, the vast majority of the mold will be invisible to the naked eye. Do not make the mistake of spraying down the water damaged portions of your home with a multipurpose cleaning spray, wiping them down and attempting to dry them with a small fan. Removing mold after water damage in Florida is not the type of job a homeowner can do on his or her own in a truly comprehensive manner. Keep in mind, mold has the potential to ruin your health and possibly even kill you, a family member or pet. In other words, mold removal after water damage in Florida is a job for the proven experts.

Our Florida plumbers have all the mold removal equipment, techniques, and knowledge necessary to eliminate as much of the mold as possible and return your living space to normal. However, there is only so much time available to eliminate the mold after a flood as there is the potential for microorganisms to become mold colonies within a mere 24-48 hours after the water damage in Florida occurs. These mold colonies will only continue to expand due to the elevated moisture level. Mold will spread along with your home’s wood, carpet, insulation, ceiling tiles, and drywall in as little as a day’s time so be sure to act as quickly as possible.

2. Dry the Affected Space

One of the best ways to prevent mold growth is to dry the impacted space right away. If you are able to infuse fresh air into the area, you just might prevent even more mold from growing. You can do a few things on your own to facilitate the drying process. Open the windows if the outdoor air is less humid than the indoor air. Just be sure to close the windows at night.

It will also help to set up several large fans to help circulate air throughout the area and expedite the evaporation process. However, the typical Florida homeowner does not have the types of fans and other drying equipment necessary to properly dry a water damaged area. However, our mold removal experts have all the equipment necessary to dry the affected space and thwart mold growth.

3. Eliminate Moisture With a Dehumidifier

If you own a dehumidifier, it is in your interest to turn it on near the water damaged part of your home. A dehumidifier will decrease the moisture content of your indoor air, facilitating a timely drying process, especially in closed-off areas. However, the typical home dehumidifier will not suffice for medium or large-size rooms. This is precisely why it is prudent to lean on our Florida plumbers and mold removal specialists to use a commercial or industrial size dehumidifier.

In certain situations, a specially-designed dehumidifier meant for restoration will be necessary. The dehumidifier must be run until the porous surfaces in the area are fully dry. However, it might take upwards of several days or even multiple weeks to fully dry a home damaged by flooding or another source of water. Materials ranging from insulation to plaster take especially long to dry so it might be best to replace such materials.

4. Be Mindful of Porous and Absorbent Materials

If specific items are laden with moisture, remove them so they can fully dry. Particularly porous material such as furniture, papers and ceiling tiles soaked with water should be removed. If the saturated carpet cannot be removed immediately after the water damage occurs, use a wet/dry vacuum or carpet extractor to remove the water. The bottom line is mold will continue to compromise your living space until everything contacted by water is completely dry.

Our team is here to pull the moisture out of the surfaces throughout the entirety of your home to prevent mold growth. The little-known truth is most homeowners do not have the equipment or methods necessary to move indoor humidity levels lower than 50%. As a result, mold growth continues. This is precisely why it is in your interest to rely on our Florida plumbers to get the job done right. We will continue drying your home or other building until our moisture meters provide readings indicative of a truly dry indoor space suitable for healthy living.


Most of the time, mold is invisible to the naked and untrained eye. Homeowners rarely have the equipment or methods that are helpful in mold removal. This is why you will be better off entrusting the job to experienced professionals who are equipped to locate and remove the most stubborn mold while offering long-term results. Hire the experts to make your home a healthy and safe place to live.

Let Erica’s Plumbing Team Take Care of Your Mold Issues

Mold is the stuff of nightmares. It will rob your living space of its structural and aesthetic integrity, while also leading to various health issues. The good news is, you can get rid of this stubborn problem. Our experts have mold removal down to a science.

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