Water damage is an unpleasant occurrence that most homes and property owners try to get out of as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it causes damage to your property and puts your health and that of your family in jeopardy. As soon as you notice any sign of water damage on your property, call the Coral Springs plumber to take care of the problem.

If you need water damage restoration in Florida, you should call the Coral Springs plumber from Erica's Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Restoration. We will send our team of restoration experts immediately to check your property and get to work on restoring your property to pre-damage condition. However, before we get to the restoration process, there are some things we must explain to you.

What are the Causes of Water Damage in Florida?

Many people make the mistake of believing water damage is only caused by big water occurrences such as rain and storms. The reality is that more minute things cause water damage. These little bodies of water are even more common as the cause of water damage than big occurrences like rain. Knowing this, Our coral springs plumbers have enumerated some common causes of water damage in this section.


When building or buying a property, you must ensure that the building is well protected against damage from rain. This is especially so if you live in a region like Florida, which is always exposed to extreme weather conditions. In the event of heavy rainfall, the water may get into your home through places like a leaky roof. When this happens, it may cause serious damage to your home.


Like the situation with rain, storms are something people in Florida have to be aware of. The state often experiences storms that cause damage to many properties to the extent that they become inhabitable. Storms are one of the most common causes of major water damage in Florida and its surrounding regions.

Pipe Breaks

More than rain and storms, a pipe break is why most homeowners have to call in the water damage restoration team. Unfortunately, this cause of water damage is dangerous because it is sneaky and may not be easily detected. Once you suspect a pipe break, turn off the water valve in your home and call the plumbing and restoration team immediately.

Overflowing Toilets

If you have a large house, you need to take time often to do routine checks around the house to ensure that everything is in order. People with large homes often forget to check unused parts of the building. The implication is that some parts develop faults that may affect the entire building. One such is the overflowing toilets that have led to water damage.

Sewage Backups

Once you suspect water damage, the first places to check are the home parts that are related to plumbing. There are cases of sewage leaks that may lead to water seeping into your home to cause damage.

Faulty Appliances

Other causes of water damage can be categorized under the faulty appliances list. These include leaking taps, showers, clogged drains, and so on. The leaks from these appliances may be little and inconsequential at first but may build up over time and cause major damage. If you notice any water damage, you should start by checking for faults in all the areas where water goes in and out of your home.

Signs of Water Damage

As a resident of Florida, you must be familiar with the most common signs of water damage. This will help you detect such damage on time and prevent it from developing into a bigger problem. Here are some common signs that mostly signify water damage in some parts of your home.

Wet Patches

Suppose you notice wet patches around your home. In that case, you should call Coral Springs Plumber and restoration experts such as Erica's Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Restoration to come over and check it out. It is one of the most obvious signs of water damage, and you need to know the extent to which it has penetrated your home.

Mold Detection

Untrained persons do not easily detect molds, but there are instances when people smell or see them in their homes. If you notice signs of mold around your home, you should call professional plumbers to check the area out for other signs of the damage-indicating sign. They have powerful equipment that can sense the air around you and easily detect mold locations.

Increased Water Bills

If you are an observant person, one of the signs of water damage you can detect is a gradual or sharp increase in your water bills. Water leaks can cause up to a 10% increase in your water bills. Therefore, if you notice that your monthly water bills increase drastically without explanation, you should look into possible leak scenarios as they may lead to water damage.

The Process of Water Damage Restoration In Coral Springs

Now that you know the causes of water damage, you should know what water damage restoration includes. The entire restoration process is not something you can do by yourself if you are not an expert, but you should know them to ensure that the restoration team is giving you your money’s worth of value when you hire them.

Damage Evaluation

The Coral Springs plumber will first do this when they get to your home to evaluate the extent of damage the water has caused to your home. Then, they will document everything in written, pictorial, and video forms. The extensive damage evaluation service will help you during your insurance claim process. You can also call your insurance company to be around when the evaluation is being made.

Leak/Source Detection

After evaluating the extent of the damage, the coral springs plumber will work on detecting the source of the leak or water damage. If there are obvious indications like a deluge of water in a part of the house, they will start from there. However, there are instances when you don’t know the exact source of the leak or damage.

In such situations, the restoration team will bring in high-tech infrared cameras that can scan the building and detect sources of damage that are not obvious to the eyes. Once they detect the source, they can take care of the damage.

Water Removal 

When water is pooling in the affected parts of the building, the first step is to remove the water. Next, the Coral Springs plumber will use high-powered pressure vacuums and other equipment to drain the water from the property until there isn’t any left. Then, they will dry the area and deconstruct the part, if necessary.

Structural Drying

After the water is removed from the property, the next step is to dry the waterlogged area systematically. For this, the team will use high-powered pressure vacuums and dryers to dry the area to its level before the damage. During this step, we have what experts refer to as water extraction.

Water extraction is different from water removal as the former will drain every bit of water out of places the latter did not cover. However, water extraction is a must during water damage restoration as it will ensure that no lingering water can cause mold in any part of the home.

Damage Repair/Property Restoration

After fully drying the affected parts of the building, you have to repair the damage the water has caused and restore your property to its original condition. To do this, you may have to deconstruct the parts of the building that have been adversely affected by the water damage. This is an expensive option but will prevent you from living in an unhealthy house.

Once you are through with the reconstruction, you can reconstruct the part. If you do not have to deconstruct and reconstruct, you may only have to replace damaged properties such as the rugs, carpets, floorings, roof, or other parts of the building.

Cost of Water Damage Restoration In Coral Springs

The cost of water damage restoration in Florida depends on a few factors. Some of them are:

The Extent of the Damage

The amount you have to spend on water damage heavily depends on the extent of the damage. Your budget will have to include the cost of removing the water, deconstructing and reconstructing the parts of the building affected, and replacement of damaged properties.

The technicians’ bills will also depend heavily on how much work they have to do to restore your home to pre-damage condition. In all, the cost of water damage restoration can run up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Cost of Damaged Properties

Another cost you have to consider when recording the cost of the water damage is the price of the damaged properties. If the water destroys expensive or rare items, you have to calculate their costs, especially if you have to replace them during restoration. The other things affected in your homes, such as rugs, floors, and furniture, will also have to be considered.


When calculating the cost of water damage restoration in Florida, you must include the cost of workmanship. The water restoration team you will be hiring to fix the damage will charge you for their services, which can cost a lot, depending on the extent of the damage. In addition, if they have to bring in big or high-tech equipment, they may charge you extra.

Your Insurance Coverage

Another important factor to consider here is your insurance coverage. If you live in Florida, you must get insurance for several things: water damage. If you have an insurance policy that covers water damage, it will greatly reduce the strain on you when dealing with such scenarios.

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