Boca Raton Plumbers' Top 6 Signs of Water Line Damage

Boca Raton Water Line Damage

The typical homeowner is unaware of the top signs of water line damage for good reason: water lines are out of sight so they are typically out of mind. However, there are some clear indications that something has gone wrong with your water line. Below, our Boca Raton plumbers detail the top signs of water line damage every local homeowner and business owner should be aware of.

1) Reduced Water Pressure

Low water pressure is an indication that the pipeline is broken or compromised in another manner. Even a leak the size of a pinhole will cause water to slowly exit the line, spurring a reduction in water movement and pressure. However, you will not be certain the water line damage is the cause of your reduced water pressure unless you rely on our local Boca Raton plumbers for a truly comprehensive analysis. Whether there is a hole in the line, a blockage or another problem, we will identify it on your behalf so you know exactly what is going on and what can be done to return full functionality to the system.

2) Brown or Discolored Water Emanating From the Tap

Though every instance of discolored water coming out of the tap is not cause for concern, if the water is consistently discolored, there is likely a problem with the waterline. However, if your water is brown or discolored in any other way once every couple of months, it is likely the result of work being performed on the municipal water pipe connection. Consistently discolored water is a sign the pipeline has degraded and corroded. Such discoloration is a clue that the damaged pipe must be either repaired or replaced. Let our licensed Boca Raton plumbers take a look at the pipe so we can determine whether damage has occurred and if a repair is necessary.

3) Clogs Form That Much More Frequently

Blocks within pipes occur as a result of mineral/debris deposits. Unclogging these buildups is not egregiously challenging. However, plenty of homeowners will overlook such clogs assuming they are bound to occur in all plumbing systems. If clogs occur at an especially high frequency, it is possible the waterline has suffered considerable damage or has completely collapsed. A collapsed water line will cause a clog on its own. It is also possible the pipe's lining has endured extensive corrosion that resulted in a blockage. The worst-case scenario is a particularly large clog that causes the pipe to burst, leading to a flood in your home.

4) A Wet Lawn

If you notice soggy areas on your front or back lawn, it is a sign of a problem with the waterline. Soggy areas that form even without a recent storm or period of rain are a clue that the water line has cracked and water is leaking out into the surrounding soil.

5) A Spike in Your Water Bill

An unexpected increase in the monthly water bill is a good sign the water line is leaking, cracked or compromised in another manner. If you have not increased your water use in the past months yet your water bill keeps on rising, it is better to be safe rather than sorry by reaching out to our Boca Raton plumbers for immediate assistance.

6) Clear Signs of Corrosion

Take a close look at the visible components of your home plumbing system from time to time. This visual inspection will clue you in to the condition of the system. If you are intimidated by performing such an examination, don't fret! Our Boca Raton plumbers are here to help. Let us inspect, maintain and potentially repair your waterline as well as other components of your plumbing system. However, if you inspect the visible components of your plumbing system on your own and notice rust or any other problem, don't assume it is just regular wear and tear. These signs should prompt a call to our Boca Raton plumbers for a more in-depth inspection and potential repair.

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