If you’re in the process of building a laundry room, you will need to make sure that the water from the washing machine travels in the right direction towards the sewer main. This will require installing a floor drain in the room. Read our simple, step-by-step guide for how to install a floor drain by yourself.

1. Select the Spot for the Hole and Begin Cutting

Once you’ve selected the spot for the drain, begin cutting a 2-inch hole into the floor of the room.

2. Install the Drain

Once you have a 2-inch hole, place the ABS floor drain into it and screw it in place.

3. Add an Extender Pipe

Pick up the ABS pipe and cut a 12-inch square pipe into it. Sand down any plastic burs with sandpaper and apply the ABS glue. Make sure the glue is applied on the inside and outside of the coupling and the pipe above the laundry floor.

4. Install the P-Trap

Identify a straight line between the existing drain pipe and the house’s drainage system, as they will need to be connected. Attach the P-trap to the assembly you created in the previous step, following the straight line. Make sure that the P-trap is pointed straight to the drain line, and glue the two sections together.

5. Cut Into the End-Point Drainage Pipe

Make a cut into the end-point drainage line with your reciprocating saw or hacksaw. Fit and glue the 2-inch sanitary tee into the cut section of the ABS pipe. Screw steel hanging straps on floor joists to support ABS pipe weight.

6. Install the Pipe to the ABS Tee

For every flat foot of the drain line, there must be a minimum slope of 1/4 inch. Cut a 1/2-inch ABS pipe long enough to stretch from the P-trap to the ABS tee.


  • Before beginning this project, you must apply for a plumbing permit and your local permitting office.
  • When choosing the location for the drain, make sure it is at the lowest part of the floor to ensure proper drainage.


  • Turn off the power and water supply when cutting into the ceiling

Tools Needed

  • Reciprocating saw or hacksaw
  • Speed Square
  • Circular saw
  • Cordless drill
  • 6-foot ladder
  • Laser level or bubble level
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenter’s pencil
  • 2-inch hole saw or jigsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • 2-inch ABS floor and shower drain
  • 2-inch ABS hub-x-hub P-trap
  • Glue for ABS and PVC pipes
  • 2-inch ABS pipe, about 8 feet or as needed
  • 2-inch ABS hub-x-hub coupling
  • 2-inch ABS DWV hub-x-hub-x-hub tee
  • Galvanized steel hanging strap

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