Dryers are now must-haves in the home, unlike decades ago when we would hang clothes to dry on a clothing line.

When you stuff clothes into a dryer machine, as it tumbles the clothes to eject water from them, the moisture that is collected is expelled through a dryer vent. Now, the smaller the laundry room available, the trickier it is to introduce dryer vents.

These vents are pipes that should spread wide in an open space and not scrunch up or bend. But rather than a trip to the laundromat, here is a guide to fitting the dryer vent smoothly, safely, and less time-consuming in a tight laundry room space.


Things You Should Know

  • An offset dryer vent (connector) will come in handy when attaching a dryer with a wall vent close to the discharge vent.
  • Irrespective of whether yours is an electric dryer or a gas one, the vent connection is exactly like others.

Tools Needed


Tools Needed to Install a Dryer Vent


Attach the Gas Line (If gas dryer).


Attach the Gas Line


A versatile gas line would pass natural gas from the house gas line to the gas inlet fitting on the dryer. Both ends need to be wrapped with PTFE jack-of-all-trades tape.

With power from the dryer’s outlet off and the gas valve off, loop each PTFE tape around both ends. When covered, link a gas line end to the dryer inlet fitting and hand tighten.


Use your hand to set the different ends of the adaptable gas line. Tighten each connection firmly with a wrench until snug but don’t over-tighten.

Turn on the gas valve to try out the connection. Check for leakages and retighten if necessary.


Prepare the Offset Dryer Vent and Seal Gaps with Foil Ducts.


Offset Dryer Vent

Use an adaptable dryer vent offset in a small, working space.

Measure the offset distance you need to connect (the dryer vent and wall vent center).

Use the offset duct to solidify the two-vent connection hole spacing. Get an HVAC aluminum foil tape (as it does not vanish quickly) to close the open joints and lock the sliding channel in position. Make the seal tight.


Connect the Wall with the Offset Dryer Vent.



Connect the fitting end of the offset duct (the smaller diameter end) to the wall connection duct and tape it down, so it does not fall off once the dryer is set in place.

Position the offset duct at the angle (approximate) that the final connection needs. A four-and-a-half-inch solidified support is only useful if there is enough material for a good friction fit.


Attach the Dryer using Offset Duct.


Attach the Dryer


Over the dryer’s delivery vent, set a four- half-inch tempered steel band support.

Slide the offset dryer vent connector over the delivery vent to set the dryer. Check for a good fit before moving the band clamp over the duct connectors and fixing it with a screwdriver or connection driver.



Plug in the dryer and set it on. Ensure that everything is working well and that the exhaust ducts remain connected.


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