Installing a new appliance that needs its water supply will require connecting it to the main water supply pipes. One of the ways you can accomplish this task is by installing a self-piercing saddle valve. This valve will tap into the main water supply by puncturing the water supply pipe. Below is a step-by-step overview of how to install this valve.

1. Turn off the Water Supply

Turn off the water supply for the pipe that the saddle valve will tap. If you cannot do that, you can also turn off the main water supply to the whole house.

2. Clean the Pipe

Sometimes pipes get a bit dirty with dust and grime. Clean the pipe where you will be installing the valve. Make sure it’s smooth by light sanding it with fine sandpaper.

3. Mount the Valve

The rubber washer or gasket should be placed on the underside of the saddle valve top bracket, ensuring that its opening is aligned directly with the needle. Afterward, place the top and bottom brackets around the saddle valve and insert the bolts into the holes. Screw these bolts in with your hand and tighten them with a screwdriver.

4. Place the Water Supply Tube

Place the compression nut and sleeve on the water supply tube, narrow side facing out. Connect the water supply tube to the saddle valve’s threaded outlet, push the sleeve against the outlet, and screw the compression nut on. Once the nut is snug, tighten it another half-turn with an adjustable wrench.

5. Pierce the Pipe

Now that the valve is mounted, it is time for the wall of the pipe. Locate the T-shaped saddle valve handle and turn it clockwise. This will push the valve into the side of the wall and pierce it. Once the handle stops turning, release it.

6. Turn on the Water

Turn the water back on and inspect the saddle valve for any leaks. You will need to secure everything tighter if water seeps through the pipe.

7. Connect the Supply Tube

Connect your feeding appliance to the opposite end of the water supply tube.

8. Open the Saddle Valve

Make sure all connections are tight. Once you’ve confirmed that all connections are tight, open the saddle valve handle counterclockwise until it stops. Be sure that there are no leaks around the connecting pipes.


  • If using a drill, try using a cordless option (if available) for your safety.
  • Wear protective glasses to ensure that nothing gets into your eyes.


  • Before mounting the saddle valve, ensure its needle is entirely inside it for safety purposes.
  • Only install saddle valves in areas where they can be visible and are easy to check for leaks.

Tools Needed

  • Saddle valve kit
  • Water supply tubing
  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Fine sandpaper

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