If you already have an air conditioning unit in Florida or are looking to get one, you have to consider how to service it. You also need to consider how often you need air conditioner care maintenance. Generally, biannual – twice a year- service is suggested. This regular servicing and maintenance are just as necessary as purchasing an air conditioning unit.

Unfortunately, many people do not know that they should service their air conditioner adequately. This, in turn, affects how they enjoy their AC. In this article, we will walk you through the numerous reasons you need to service your air con, how often you should, and the factors to look out for when you are doing so.

How Often Do I Need Air Conditioner Care Maintenance?

The average lifespan of an air conditioning unit, according to recent studies, is roughly 15 to 20 years, if maintained and serviced biannually (twice a year). Now, many people buy air conditioners and wonder why they pack up after two years or less. Here’s why.

Air conditioners keep the heat away, purify the air, and keep our body temperatures balanced. They certainly are appliances that we often use in the household.

Appliances like air conditioners need to be serviced as often as twice a year. When you fail to have a regular maintenance culture, you put your air conditioner at risk of packing up before its due time.

When you spend a substantial amount of money on an air conditioning unit, you deserve to get value for your money. Servicing the unit is an effective way to ensure this.

How Is Air Conditioning Servicing Performed In Florida?

Beyond knowing the importance of air conditioner servicing, you also want to understand how experts go about it. This allows you to learn more about your unit. So, here’s how air conditioning servicing is carried out in Florida.


Here, your air conditioning expert will take a look at all the necessary parts to find out if they are well-lubricated. Lubrication is essential as it helps the various components of the air con to continue working well.

Electricity and Airflow Check

Most of the problems that lead to an air conditioning unit repair stem from the inability of airflow to hit the desired concentration level. Often, it’s a result of a blockage or excessive dust in the ducts. Knowing how often air conditioner care maintenance is required is something that can avoid these problems with your AC.

Condensation Drain Check

We bet you didn’t know your condensation drain needs to be checked often. It tends to get filled up even faster in the summer because an air conditioning unit works more often in this period.

Air conditioning services in Florida include inspecting the condensation drain and unclogging it for homeowners when the need arises. When you do not unclog the drain or check regularly, you run the risk of ruining your ceiling.

Thermostat Check

The thermostat is the part of the air conditioner responsible for controlling the temperature in your room.

If you have ever wondered why your favorite temperature has suddenly gotten cooler or warmer, it’s because there is a discrepancy between the thermostat and the air conditioning unit. You need to hire a credible air conditioning expert in Florida to fix it for you.

Full Body Inspection

Experienced air conditioning repair services in Florida also conduct full-body inspections when you need to service your air conditioning unit. The purpose is to make sure that everything works fine for you. The summer is coming, and you certainly do not want your air conditioning unit acting up suddenly. Also, it might be relatively harder to fix your unit during this period because most air conditioning experts in Florida will be booked up to their necks.

Now that you know the various parts that often require checking and servicing, your next step should be to keep an eye out for those parts.

Why Should You Service Your Air Conditioning Unit in Florida?

Servicing your regularly keeps you a step ahead. Understanding your air conditioning unit enough to know when it needs servicing puts you two steps ahead. So how often do you need to perform air conditioner care maintenance? It depends on the size and specific make and model of your AC unit, but a good rule of thumb is biannually, or twice a year.

Prolong the Lifespan of Your AC Unit

The average air conditioning unit is estimated to last about 15 to 20 years. However, numerous air conditioners get thrown out barely three years after their purchase date. Additionally, the average air conditioning unit also costs about $1000 to $15000. In reality, that can be a lot of money depending on your purchasing capacity.

We certainly don’t want huge investments like that to go down the drain. However, that’s the case for many people. An excellent reason for that is the lack of servicing and maintenance that you should carry out as often as twice a year.

Saving Money on Your AC Costs

When you service your air conditioning unit at the required times, you are saving the money you would have spent on repairs. Consequently, that helps you save some money.

When we run complete checks on air conditioning in the process of repair or maintenance, there are certain parts we check. For instance, we check the condensation drain. A faulty condensation drain can damage your ceiling, which will cause you to incur more expenses.

The third reason is your wiring. If your air conditioning unit suddenly blows up, you will likely spend a lot of money replacing the wires and sockets in your house. So to save yourself a substantial amount of money, ensure you service your air conditioning unit at least biannually.

Factors to Consider for Air Conditioning Services in Florida

There are a lot of factors to consider when contemplating or choosing air conditioning services in the southeast Florida area. Some common concerns are the reputation of the company, cost, additional services provided, and whether you need service and maintenance contracts.


The reputation of your air conditioning servicing company is an essential thing to look out for. Some companies make matters worse, and it will tell from the reputation they have online or offline. You want to go for a company that prioritizes quality service and gives you value for your money.

Overall Cost

It is important to consider the air conditioning unit servicing price when looking to hire air conditioning services in Florida. You certainly don’t want a company with a fair pricing scale.

A great way to go about this is to compare the air conditioning unit servicing prices of reputable experts in your area. The best ones are those with competitive prices and yet have good reviews about their services.

Additional Services

It will surely be stress-free and convenient for you to get a single and reputable company that will be responsible for all your HVAC needs. If you use a single company for installing, regularly servicing, and maintaining your air conditioner, you will be saving yourself extra costs. Additionally, it makes it easy to know who to hold responsible.

Servicing and Maintenance Contracts

Servicing and maintenance contracts are also essential to look out for when selecting air conditioning services in Florida. Unfortunately, not all air conditioning unit repair and servicing companies in Florida offer this service. However, we are confident that everyone would benefit from a contract like this. Additionally, you won’t have to remember how often to perform air conditioner care maintenance.

It makes you a priority client when you require air conditioning unit repair services. Here, regardless of the period of the year, particularly the summer when there will be a lot of demand for air conditioning services, your desired servicemen will prioritize you over other clients.

You will also be privy to discounts on services. A long-standing contract with your air conditioning experts will guarantee that you can access discounts on the service price.

The discounts also extend to the price of parts and accessories. One of the perks of a servicing and maintenance contract is that you also get access to discounts on the cost of air conditioning accessories. There will be times when you need to have some parts replaced; a trusted air conditioning company in Florida will ensure that you have access to all you need.

There are numerous perks to having a contract with a servicing and maintenance company. It makes for long-term satisfaction and never having to worry about how often to perform air conditioner care maintenance.

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