A leaky pipe has the potential to ruin the ceiling, floor, walls and other structural components of your Fort Lauderdale home. If you are even slightly suspicious you have a leaky pipe, it is imperative that you take immediate action. The most important thing you can do is contact our Fort Lauderdale plumbers for emergency assistance. We will prioritize your request for service to minimize the damage to your home, repair or replace the leaky pipe and help return your life to normal as quickly as possible. There are a few things you can do on your own while waiting for our Fort Lauderdale plumbers to arrive.

Start by Turning off the Flow of Water

Turn off the flow of water before doing anything else. If the water is allowed to run, it will flow through the compromised pipe and spill out onto your living space. The leak might be within the water supply below the sink. If this is the case, turn the water supply valves below the sink to the off position. However, if the leak is anywhere else, it will be necessary to turn off the main water supply valve.

Mitigate the Leak With the Materials You Have On-hand

If the compromised pipe is leaking a considerable amount of water, you might not be able to make a quick trip to the store to pick up the supplies necessary to minimize the damage. The actions you take in the subsequent moments while waiting for our Fort Lauderdale plumbers are of the utmost importance. Think clearly and quickly. If the hole is diminutive, insert the tip of a pencil into it to stop the flow of water. It will also help to wrap the compromised part of the pipe with putty or electrician’s tape. The application of such barriers will prevent continued leaking, ultimately minimizing damage while our Fort Lauderdale plumbers make a beeline to your home.

If you have a rubber, a C-clamp and woodblocks on-hand, you are in luck. Wrap rubber around the leaky pipe. Woodblocks and C-clamp will help keep the rubber in position. However, it is a mistake to clamp down with excessive force as the pipe can be damaged or bent. This approach will minimize the damage yet permit you to keep the primary water valve in the on position so water can flow to other parts of your home. Don’t forget to call our Coral Springs plumbers for assistance so we can rectify the problem once and for all.

Call Fort Lauderdale Plumbers to Patch the Pipe

The application of a patch to the pipe will certainly help yet it will take some work. Furthermore, you might not have the necessary patching materials in the basement or garage at the time the leak occurs. Pipe wraps and epoxy compounds can be placed at any point along the pipe for just about every type of crack and leak. Patching the pipe helps ensure it will hold strong until our Fort Lauderdale plumbers can perform a repair or replacement. It might be more prudent to add a new section of the pipe if the damage is significant.

Repair Sleeves

Repair sleeves are optimal for pinhole or joint repairs. Such sleeves are similar to clamps. Apply a repair sleeve in a timely manner and it will provide protection until our Fort Lauderdale plumbers arrive to perform professional analysis and repair. However, a repair sleeve will not suffice for a large crack. Furthermore, if the repair sleeve is left in place for an extended period of time, the problem will worsen so be sure to reach out to our Fort Lauderdale plumbers for a permanent fix.

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