How to Find and Fix a Water Leak in Florida

Deciding not to fix a water leak creates a handful of problems like increased water bills, excess moisture that leads to mold growth, and opportunities to slip and fall. For these reasons, everyone must learn how to find and fix a water leak. Check out our guidelines for tips on how to do so. 

Instructions for Locating a Water Leak

1. Check the Water Meter

Start by turning off all the faucets and appliances that run on water. Then, go to your water meter and check if the small leak indicator is moving. If it is, you know a leak is somewhere on the property. 

2. Inspect All Visible Pipes and Fixtures

Go through and around the house to inspect all the visible pipes and fixtures. Look for water stains, dampness, and even mold growth. Sinks, toilets, and visible pipes are common places for leaks. 

3. Monitor Water Usage

Check your water bills to see if there has been a spike in water usage. If you or your household members didn’t increase their water consumption, then you may have a leak present in the home. 

4. Listen for Running Water

Turn off all TVs, music, and HVAC systems, and listen for running water. This may lead you to the source of the leak. 

5. Conduct a Dye Test

If you’re concerned about a possible leak in the toilet, add a bit of food coloring to the tank and let it set for 30 minutes. If, in 30 minutes, the color appears in the toilet bowl, you have a leak that needs attention. 

6. Check Outdoor Areas

Tour your outdoor area and check all the hoses, irrigation systems, sprinklers, and spigots for water leaks. Also, look for water pooling and excess grass growth. 

7. Inspect the Water Heater

Check your water heater and its connections and valves for leaks or rust. Listen for sounds that may point to a leak. 

How to Fix a Water Leak in Florida

So you found the leak; what now?  Below is a quick set of instructions for fixing your leak, depending on its location.  

At The Faucet

Turn Off the Water Supply

Turn off the water supply to the faucet or the entire home. 

Take Apart the Faucet

Disassemble the faucet and locate the faulty components. 

Replace Faulty Components

Replace the bad components or replace the entire faucet, depending on what is easier for you. This should resolve the leaky faucet instantly.

Repairing Toilet Leaks in Florida

Turn Off the Water Supply 

Turn off the water supply for your toilet or the entire home. 

Replace the Faulty Flapper or Fill Valve

Open the tank and carefully disassemble the faulty flapper or fill valve. You may choose to replace both at once or one of them, depending on the source of the leak and your preference. Replacing them both is a very easy process; just follow the instructions provided with the new parts. 

Pipe Leaks

Apply Sealant or Tape

Leaky pipes may be fixed by applying a plumber’s putty or tape. Turn off the water supply to the leaky pipe and dry off the area. Follow the instructions provided on the packaging of the putty or tape for proper application. 

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