Some pipe leaks can be fixed with a DIY (do it yourself) effort. In many cases, a temporary DIY repair is necessary to bridge the gap between the point in time when the leak forms and when our water damage and restoration services crew arrives to perform the necessary repair or replacement. Do not be intimidated by the prospect of repairing a leaky pipe. Even a seemingly superficial repair has the potential to mitigate the damage to your home as you wait for a plumbing professional to arrive.

1. Shut off the Valve That Controls the Water Flow

The first step to fixing a leak on your own is to turn off the water to that part of the home. You can find the water shut-off valve for the plumbing component in question by the primary pipe. Look for the external tap. Turn this tap counterclockwise to shut off the flow of water. If you cannot find the specific plumbing component’s water shut-off valve, turn off the main shut-off valve to stop the flow of water throughout the entirety of your home until the leak is tended to by providers of emergency plumber services in Margate, FL.

2. Do Some Cleaning

Now that the flow of water is turned off, use a piece of cloth to wipe the pipe that must be repaired. Continue wiping the pipe until it is completely dry. Cleaning the pipe ensures mold does not form that could eventually block the pipe at a later point in time. Sandpaper that is particularly fine such as 200 grit will do the job. Rub this sandpaper along the surface of the pipe where the leak is located. This action cleans the pipe, ensuring it is dry enough for the appropriate repairs to be made by providers of water damage and restoration services.

3. Add Tape

Now that the surface is properly cleaned, it is time to add plumber’s tape. Apply this sealing tape on the location of the leak. Continue wrapping the tape until several layers are wrapped along the pipe. Wrap a little bit more tape than you think is necessary, ensuring it is tight and protrudes a couple of inches outward on each side of the pipe for complete security.

4. Seal the Pipe

Epoxy paste should be applied to areas where water seeps out from. However, epoxy should not be added to the pipe until it has completely dried. Epoxy is similar to sealant in that it is putty-like and must be flattened prior to the application along the surface of the pipe. Allow at least 25 minutes to half an hour for the epoxy to set in place. Turn on the water to see if the leak is cured. If there is even the slightest indication that the leak is still present, reach out to our plumbing crew for expert assistance.

5. Tighten the Joints

Pipe leaks sometimes result from the loosening of threaded joints between portions of the pipe. Pinpoint the pipe joint locations and tighten the bolts with a small wrench to firmly connect the threaded joints. Go easy when tightening the bolts as an abundance of force might cause the pipes to crack.

6. Use a Pipe Repair Clamp

Small pipe leaks can be temporarily repaired with a concealing of the hole or slit where the water moves through. You can cover this hole/slit with a part of a garden hose pipe. Cut a small part of an old garden hose lengthwise, wrap this hose component around the portion of the pipe where the leak is located, and connect a clamp for the hose by screwing it in place. If you are still concerned about the leak, wrap some plumber’s tape along with the hose for additional support until our water damage and restoration services team arrives to perform a permanent fix.

7. Ask the Experienced Plumbers for Assistance

Even if you temporarily fix the leak on your own, it will still be necessary to have the professionals that provide emergency plumber services in Margate perform a lasting repair or replacement. Otherwise, it will only be a matter of time until your temporary fix gives way and the water starts leaking out of the ceiling once again. Our savvy plumbers are here to perform the proper repair on your behalf. Contact us as soon as you notice there is a leak at your Margate home or business and we will prioritize your service call to minimize the damage and your expense.


A leaky pipe can make any homeowner nervous. Performing DIY repairs isn’t always a bad idea, at least until the professionals arrive to find you a long-term fix for these issues. It helps to hire water damage and restoration services as only experienced professionals will be able to help you mitigate problems related to pipe repairs. The above tips should help you hold the fort in a plumbing emergency until our skilled plumbers take over.

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