Water damage to your Florida home is problematic for several important reasons. If water damages your possessions or your home’s floors, walls, ceilings or other parts of your home, time is of the essence.

If your Florida home’s water damage is not tended to by the restoration experts promptly, your health will decline and your home’s structure will gradually deteriorate. It is possible for extensive untreated water damage to create an abundance of mold to spread throughout your home to the point that it becomes uninhabitable, prompting a full demolishing.

Our restoration team is here to help prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality. Without further ado, let’s take a specific look at the top consequences of bypassing the remediation process after water has infiltrated your Florida home.

1. Mold Will Irritate Your Allergies

Even if you have mild allergies, the presence of mold in your Florida home will undoubtedly aggravate them to the point that you become uncomfortable. Can you imagine having to spend the bulk of your time in a living space that triggers coughs, sneezes, itchy eyes, and other allergic reactions? Fail to have your mold problem addressed and this is exactly what will happen to you as well as your loved ones.

2. Mold Saturates Your Home’s Air

Even if you open your home’s windows with regularity, the presence of mold will still compromise the quality of your indoor air. Tiny mold spores spread throughout the air with ease, regardless of how frequently you let in the fresh air from outside. Indoor air is already comparably unhealthy as is. The last thing you need is mold resulting from water damage to make your air quality even worse. Such compromised air has the potential to cause respiratory problems and worsen current respiratory problems.

The bottom line is, that built-up moisture on indoor materials causes the growth of microbes that transmit spores, fragments, cells, and additional volatile compounds into your indoor air supply. Making matters worse is the fact that the dampness spurs the biological degradation of everything it contacts, polluting your indoor air that much more.

3. Mold can Trigger Asthma or Worsen It

Some mold species can lead to nasty lung scarring and infections. Asthmatics are particularly sensitive to mold. An asthmatic who inhales the particularly nasty mold spores dubbed “aspergillus” might endure a condition known as allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states exposure to mold in one’s early years might be associated with the subsequent development of asthma.

4. Mold Can Prove Deadly

Sadly, those plagued by certain blood disorders have the potential to die after inhaling mold. The inhalation of mold can cause these patients to endure fatal complications. The bottom line is, that there is no reason to take a chance with mold, regardless of whether you or your loved ones have a blood disorder, asthma, or another health condition.

5. Water Damage Weakens Your Home’s Structure

If you let water remain in your home’s floors, walls, ceilings, and your possessions, their structural integrity will gradually decline. Water damage stresses out the 2x4s and metal fasteners that keep your Florida home together. If your property is not tended to by the water damage and mold experts and plumbers in Coral Springs within a couple of days after a leak or flood, the remaining moisture might cause the fasteners and 2x4s to buckle. It will prove challenging, if not impossible, to sell a home with such structural problems.

Moisture resulting from water exposure also has the potential to undermine the integrity of metal structures within your home through gradual rusting and weakening. So don’t make the common mistake of assuming it is only strong winds that can damage your Florida home. Water exposure and subsequent mold are just as much of a threat to your Florida home as strong winds and other threats posed by Mother Nature.

Do the smart thing by asking for assistance from our restoration specialists after your home has been subjected to water. We will respond promptly to dry your property and ultimately restore its structural integrity so it proves safe and habitable for you, your family, your furry friends, and your guests.


Untreated water damage can result in the formation of mold in your beautiful Florida home. This, in turn, can trigger several health issues in your family. However, you have the power to prevent this from happening to you. Engage local plumbing and restoration experts to resolve all such problems from the root. After all, you and your loved ones deserve a healthy home where you can breathe clean mold-free air and live happily.

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