Contacting an emergency plumber immediately after your plumbing emergency in Florida arises is a smart decision. However, merely calling to report the plumbing emergency and request assistance is only half the battle. You can do a couple of things on your own while you wait for our Florida plumbers to arrive. Here is a quick explanation of how to proceed after making the call to our emergency plumbing crew.

1. Turn off the Flow of Water

The most important thing you can do is shut off the water so the problem does not worsen. Make a beeline to the water main to turn off the supply valve. Keep turning the valve until you are certain the flow of water has fully stopped.

Do not fall into the trap of attempting to remove problematic parts of the toilet or other plumbing components until our experienced Florida plumbers have analyzed the problem. Furthermore, if the drain is blocked and overflowing, it is a mistake to push items down the drain in an attempt to eliminate the clog. Such an action has the potential to cause additional blockages down deep in the pipe, making the repair even more challenging.

2. Clean up the Area Around the Water or Other Plumbing Problem

It will be that much easier for our plumber to clean up the affected space if it is as clean as possible. Mop up any pooled water so you and the plumber do not slip when traversing the area. If you have personal items, furniture or other belongings near the damaged plumbing or water, move them to another room. This way, the plumber will have enough space to properly address your plumbing emergency in Florida.

3. Keep the Pets and Kids Away

If necessary, put up a makeshift blockade to prevent your furry friends and children from venturing into the area where your plumbing emergency has occurred. Otherwise, your curious little ones just might walk into the bathroom or other affected space and make the problem even worse in myriad ways. The bottom line is interference from kids or a worsening of the problem in any other way will make your plumbing emergency in Florida that much more dramatic and challenging to fix. Once our Florida plumber is done repairing your faulty plumbing component, you can remove the barriers to entry, allowing your pets and kids to roam freely.

4. It Might be Prudent to Turn off the Utilities

Merely turning off the water will not suffice, especially if the water moves down the walls, damaging the wiring. It is better to be safe rather than sorry so go ahead and turn off the electricity. Otherwise, there is a chance the failure to turn off the electricity will result in a short that spurs an electrical fire. If there is a burst pipe in the crawlspace or attic, do not hesitate to turn off the power. These pipes are especially important as they can leak water that compromises your home’s wiring, possibly forcing replacement to the tune of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

5. Mitigate the Water Damage

Though you probably do not have the water damage restoration tools necessary to thoroughly dry your living space and remove mold after water infiltrates through your home, you can do a few things to keep the area dry. As an example, it will help to put old linens, towels and/or sheets down in areas where water has accumulated. Clean up as much of the water as you can and you will have done your part to minimize mold growth, preserve the integrity of your belongings and set the stage for an expedited plumbing repair.

6. Think About Potential Causes of Your Plumbing Emergency in Florida

Now that the most important steps are out of the way, it is time to sit down and write up a list of potential causes of your plumbing emergency in Florida. Perhaps you noticed something unusual before the problem occurred. Maybe warning signs popped up in the weeks, days or hours before the drama started. Write down all the potential reasons why the plumbing emergency might have occurred, run them by our Florida plumbers and it will be that much easier to determine the true cause of the problem.

7. Tend to Those Leaky Faucets and Pipe Joints

If there is still water emerging from the pipe joints and/or faucets, do not sit idle, waiting for the plumber to arrive. Wrap some reliable tape around the pipe joints and faucets to mitigate the flow of water until our Florida plumber arrives. It will also help to place buckets beneath drips to collect the water as it leaks. Though these are merely temporary measures, they will certainly minimize the damage to your property as you wait for our Florida plumbers to provide a lasting solution.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Erica’s Plumbing Team for Emergency Plumbing Services

A plumbing emergency can strike at any time with most homeowners being unprepared to tackle the situation and panic. Don’t worry as help is just a call away. Contact our Florida plumbers and you will not be waiting long for service. Reach us promptly by dialing (561) 782-2779.

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