The typical homeowner ignores a clogged drain until it becomes a significant problem. After all, life is hectic. A clogged drain does not exactly take priority when you work 40 hours a week, have one or several kids, and are saddled with seemingly never-ending housework. However, if you neglect your clogged drain, it will eventually cause considerable problems with your plumbing system. Do not fall into the trap of dumping drain cleaners from the store down your clogged drain! This approach is flawed in that such store-bought drain cleaners are rife with harsh chemicals that will damage your drain. Instead, reach out to our team for proven Coral Springs drain cleaning that will not compromise your drain or plumbing system in the slightest.

The Problem With Drain Cleaners From the Store

As noted above, the drain cleaning products sold at stores are caustic, meaning they are oxidizing. Unfortunately, countless homeowners in Coral Springs and beyond dump such supposed drain cleaning solutions down the drain without a second thought. The little-known truth is these store-bought drain cleaning products degrade old pipes and even some fairly new pipes. When applied to plastic pipes, drain cleaners laden with chemicals cause considerable damage due to the generation of heat. Such heat melts and/or warps the pipe, causing leaks that have the potential to compromise the entirety of your home. Traditional drain cleaners are also problematic in other ways to boot. Chemical drain cleaners are terrible for our fragile environment. Furthermore, drain cleaners from the store damage septic systems to boot.

Contact the Experts for Proven Coral Springs Drain Cleaning

Though you can try several DIY (do it yourself) drain cleaning methods aside from dumping store-bought drain cleaners down the drain, there is no guarantee they will prove effective. There is no sense in attempting to clear the clog with a bent wire hanger, baking soda, a plumber’s auger, vinegar, or another potential solution when our professional plumbers are a call away. Our plumbing crew is here to tackle those tough clogs on your behalf.

Lean on us when a clog forms and we will apply the proven methods for timely drain cleaning. Our team has a wide array of powerful plumbing tools at our disposal to remedy even the most stubborn of drain clogs. However, you must be willing to ask for help. Temporarily swallow your pride, ask for a helping hand and our plumbing crew will prioritize the clearing of your drain clog. We will even provide some helpful advice to prevent drain clogs in the future.

Alternatives to Chemical Drain Cleaners

In some cases, you might be able to clear the clog with the use of an alternative to alleged drain cleaning solutions from the store. As noted above, there are several methods and tools available to eliminate clogs. Consider the use of a plumber’s auger. This tool is available at local hardware stores. Think of a plumber’s auger as an electric drain snake of sorts. The main difference is a plumber’s auger is not as powerful. Put the auger’s tip in the drain and push it until there is resistance. Tighten the screw of the auger to keep the cable in position. Turn the crank so the auger is pushed down into the drain. Continue pushing the auger down until it reaches the clog. Pull out the auger. Turn on the water to ensure the clog is eliminated.

If the plumber’s auger does not remedy the clog, consider the application of a homemade drain-clearing concoction. The combination of vinegar and baking soda will clear away some clogs. If you take this approach, be sure to mix the two liquids over the clog as it is likely to fizz and generate bubbles that overflow downward. Flush the drain with warm water after adding the vinegar and baking soda. Though this approach typically makes some headway on minor clogs and slow drains, it probably won’t work with a completely clogged drain. When in doubt, opt for the fastest and most comprehensive drain-clearing solution: the assistance of our proven plumbers in Coral Springs.

An Inside Look at How the Professionals Clear Drains

Though paying for a professional plumber to perform Coral Springs drain cleaning certainly costs money, it is worth every penny and then some. Our plumbing crew will exhaust all potential solutions to eliminate the clog as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We use everything from the aforementioned drain snakes to video inspection equipment, hydrojetting, and beyond.

We typically perform video inspection before attacking significant clogs. A video drain inspection empowers our plumbing team to determine what, exactly, is causing the clog. If necessary, we will use the hydro jetting. This powerful tool relies on the application of water at a high pressure to clear away recurring clogs. Hydrojetting can even eliminate a buildup of limescale, grease, and other gunk that sticks to pipe walls. In some cases, a plumber’s drain snake will suffice. Our drain snakes are commonly referred to as sewer machines as they mechanically eliminate harsh blockages that cannot be fixed with simple plunging.

Erica's Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Restoration is a Call Away

If your property has a clogged drain or any other problem, do not waste your time, effort, and money by attempting a DIY clearing with a chemical-laden drain cleaner from the store. It is better to lean on our proven plumbers for assistance. Give us a call at (561) 782-2779 to schedule an appointment.

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