We all got used to smartphones pretty quickly, but are you ready for smart plumbing fixtures in your bathroom? The fact is that these modernized devices can help conserve water and even save you money in the long run. If it’s time to consider replacing some – or all – of your plumbing fixtures, the smart versions may well be your best options. A reputable Boca Raton plumbing service will help you find a good fit for your home or office.

Water, Water Everywhere

If you’re anything like the average American, you go through lots and lots of water on a daily basis. In fact, your showers and toilets are your biggest water hogs. Water is a valuable resource, and water conservation is important in its own right – but it can also save you money. Consider the smart options you can employ to help your household conserve water.

Your Showers

A lot of water runs through your showers, but there are modern high-efficiency aerators that can reduce that consumption by nearly half. These aerators add air to the water flow, which gives you the feel of a full water blast – even though much less water will actually pass through the shower head. Additionally, there are mechanisms available that can reduce the flow of water when you’re not directly under the shower head and smart dials for getting your shower to that perfect temperature with the touch of a button.

Your Faucets

Those high-efficiency aerators are also available on faucets, and again, they can help you significantly reduce your water consumption. Further, we all know those hands free sinks that public restrooms often sport, and they’re now available in non-commercial designs. By going hands free, your water will run through your sink faucet only when you’re hands are under it, which means you only use the water you need. For instance, when you pull your toothbrush back out of the flow of water, the faucet will turn itself off. And who among us hasn’t let the water run – a time of two – while we brushed our teeth.

Your Toilets

When it comes to modern toilets, the options seem almost limitless. Let’s explore the possibilities:

  • Toilets with pressure-assisted flushing mechanisms incorporate air pressure to provide you with a flush that’s both stronger and faster. While louder than traditional models, this pressure assist can help keep your toilet bowl cleaner and help keep clogs at bay.
  • Toilets with a dual-flush system combine the traditional gravity-feed flush mechanism that we’re all used to with a pressure-assisted flush, which allows you to pick the flush that works best in the moment.
  • A touchless flush option is now available for your home. As such, you can flush your toilet with the wave of your hand. This is not only more hygienic but is also a great option for anyone who has difficulty operating a traditional flush handle.
  • While all modern toilets use considerably less water than the toilets of old, there are some models that reduce usage even further.
  • If you want to get fancy, today’s toilets can even be outfitted with toilet seats that are temperature controlled, with bidets, with self-cleaning technology, with remote controls, and even with LED lights.

Suffice to say that, if it’s time for a new toilet, there are a lot of options on offer.

Smart Water Meters

It wasn’t very long ago that figuring out you had a leak in your plumbing had to be deciphered from whatever clues were available, including puddles of water where they shouldn’t be, the unmistakable smell of mold and mildew, clanging pipes, and the like. The advent of water sensors allowed us to detect – via an alarm – when water was sensed in a place that it shouldn’t be. Water sensors, however, can’t detect the presence of water until it’s present – where it shouldn’t be. Smart water meters to the rescue. These handy devices are installed directly into your main water line, and they can detect a plumbing leak within minutes and send an alarm directly to your smartphone. Most models will even allow you to shut down your main water supply with the touch of your phone. And that is smart.

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