You rely on your dishwasher to take your dirty dishes and magically return them to you clean. In fact, you probably don’t give your dishwasher too much thought – until the magic comes to an end. Your dishwasher is plumbed into your kitchen sink’s pipes, and if you have a clog or blockage there, it will affect your dishwasher’s performance. Know the early warning signs of a clogged dishwasher, and you’ll know when it’s time to call in an experienced plumber.

Sign 1: You Hear a Gurgling Sound

If you hear a gurgling sound coming from your dishwasher – or anywhere in your plumbing system – it likely means that water is attempting to move around something that is beginning to clog one of your pipes. A clog or narrowing can occur anywhere in your plumbing, and a pipe that has been narrowed by sediment or other debris can quickly turn into a blockage that shuts down your plumbing entirely. Don’t wait for a plumbing emergency; when you hear the telltale sound of gurgling in your pipes, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Sign 2: Your Dishwasher is Draining Slowly

If your dishwasher simply isn’t draining as quickly as it once did, it likely means that there is a plumbing blockage nearby. A blockage can build slowly, so you may not notice that your dishwasher is draining more slowly until the pipe has narrowed considerably. Pay attention to your dishwasher’s normal cycle, and if you notice that it’s slowing down, don’t ignore the issue until you have a complete blockage on your hand – be proactive and consult with a skilled Coral Springs plumber as soon as you notice the change.

Sign 3: Water is Backing Up in Your Kitchen Sink

If your dishwasher is running and water is backing up into your kitchen sink, you likely have a plumbing problem – your dishwasher is plumbed into your kitchen sink’s line, so any problem with your dishwasher’s plumbing is likely a function of your kitchen sink’s plumbing. Don’t look the other way because you don’t consider water in the sink a big deal. It’s important to recognize that water backing up into your sink is a sign that there is some kind of problem. You can troubleshoot by turning off your dishwasher and running the garbage disposal in your kitchen sink – a buildup in your disposal could be the issue.

Remembering the golden rules of garbage disposals can help you avoid running into problems with yours:

  • Don’t even think about pouring grease or oil down your disposal.
  • Wipe excess grease and oily debris off your plates, silverware, and pots and pans before you wash them in the sink or load them into your dishwasher.
  • Keep bones; slippery fruit and vegetable peels; stringy foods; poultry skin; and other sticky, slimy, or fibrous waste out of your disposal.
  • Run cold water through your disposal for about 15 seconds before you turn it on and keep it running until about 15 seconds after you turn it off.
  • Help keep your disposal clean and fresh my sending a small squirt of liquid dishwashing soap into it while it’s running.

If running your disposal doesn’t do the trick and water continues to back up into your sink, schedule an appointment with a reputable Coral Springs plumber.

Sign 4: Leftover Water in Your Dishwasher

If you open your dishwasher once the cycle’s over and there is water standing in the bottom of the unit, it means that it’s not draining properly, which is likely caused by a clog or narrowing in your plumbing. Don’t wait for this issue to take care of itself – in fact, it will likely continue to get worse as the clog builds over time.

Sign 5: Your Dishes Are No Longer Sparkling Clean

Everyone loves taking a fresh load of sparkling clean dishes out of the dishwasher. If your dishes, instead, look dull, drab, or even dirty, it’s not so great. You run your dishwasher for the sole purpose of cleaning your dishes, and if, at the end of the process, they’re visibly dirty, you have a plumbing problem, and you need a plumbing professional.

If Your Dishwasher Is Trying to Tell You Something, It’s Time to Call in a Plumber

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