It’s almost summer, and now is a good time to start preparing for the sweltering heat and poor humidity that will dominate your Boca Raton home. This can be discomforting, especially in July and August. So if your Boca Raton Air Conditioning unit is on the fritz, you will need to decide between repair or replacement, especially if you have repaired it before.

This article will guide you through all the factors to consider when deciding between a repair and a replacement for your air conditioner.

Factors to Consider While Replacing or Repair Your Boca Raton Air Conditioning Unit

In Boca Raton, the air conditioning unit repair versus replacement decision affects not only the state of your air conditioner and your comfort but also your finances. If you delay this decision until the next time you need a Boca Raton air conditioning repair service, it will adversely affect your finances. So here are ten factors that you can weigh in before calling in a repair.

Age of the Air Conditioner

The age of your air conditioner is the simplest way to know if a replacement is more reasonable than a repair. The U.S. Department of Energy places the lifespan of air conditioners at 15-20 years, but in Boca Raton, the weather is warmer than average all year long, so a safe bet is 10-12 years. This is because you may have to run your AC more, and the Florida climate may expose your air conditioning to saltwater and sulfur, causing it to wear faster.

So in Boca Raton, air conditioner repair is a smart option only if your air conditioner is less than 8 years old. After 8 years, it’s best to invest in a new one considering that other factors could have caused your air conditioning unit to deteriorate faster over the years. While repair may cause you less in the short term, it will result in wasted expenses if you have to repair so often that to only end up buying a new unit much later.

A good way to maintain your unit’s life is to schedule regular maintenance checks with an air conditioning repair service in Boca Raton.

Efficiency of Your Current Unit

Energy efficiency is a high priority, and a homeowner must consider this when repairing replacement decisions. For example, you may have moved into your Boca Raton home with an air conditioner pre-installed, but when it breaks down, you have the chance to do something about how much your air conditioner is increasing your bills.

Most recent air conditioners are energy-efficient and have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rate (SEER). The rule is that the higher the SEER, the more energy-efficient your air conditioner. So, all Southern States now have an energy efficiency pass mark of 14. Find out more about how your air AC unit SEER ratio works here.

Energy efficiency will ensure you are not spending so much covering energy bills in the long run. For example, if you upgrade from a 3-ton air conditioner with 11 SEER to one with 17 SEER, you will save up to 35% on electricity in a year, and in about ten years, you will have saved almost $7000 on your energy bills. You can also invest in an air conditioner with an inverter to reduce its consumption units.

However, if your air conditioner is sufficiently energy efficient—at about 13 SEER—and still subjectively new, you can opt for a repair.

Increased Energy Bills in Boca Raton

Another efficiency-related reason you may need to replace your air conditioning unit is an increase in your energy bills.

The older your air conditioner gets, the more work it will have to put in to run effectively. As a result, you may notice your energy bills increasing significantly over the years. You can do this by comparing receipts from as far back as six years to your current energy bills. If you notice a drastic difference, you should make the call for a replacement.

Cost of Repair in Boca Raton

Some repairs are cheaper than others. For example, if you need to change your AC filter, this may be very affordable, but a compressor can cost as much as $2,000, requiring more thought.

When given an estimate on your air conditioner, you can decide between a replacement and a repair by multiplying the repair cost by the number of years the AC is. Then, compare it to the average cost of a new air conditioner to make your decision. If you arrive at a figure less than $5000, it is safe to repair. But if you arrive at an amount above that, you may have to consider replacing your unit.

For example, if you are given a $450 charge, and your AC is 9 years old, this adds up to $4,050, so it’s safe to repair your AC.

Frequency of Repair

A decade-old system would probably have required repair about two to three times. However, if your six-year-old system has required three to four repairs, there’s a decision to be made.

Usually, responsible upkeep and servicing can have your AC running for a good number of years well past its life expectancy. However, any system that requires maintenance or repair too often indicates major problems in the future.

In this case, it is a wiser decision to replace the unit entirely. Some Boca Raton air conditioning repair services advise clients to maintain a one-year rule ideal for air conditioning repair, but anything more than once in two years should put you on alert. An older system would probably break down more often than normal, reminding you that you need a change.

R-22 Refrigerant Systems

If your air conditioning unit uses the R-22 refrigerant and is broken down, consider this a call to replace the system. R-22 freons are common in ACs made before 2010, and the government is wiping them out across the country with EPA regulations and anti-production laws. This makes it difficult to secure an R-22 refrigerant if your old one breaks down. You may not find it anywhere.

So, suppose your unit has refrigerant troubles or breaks down for any other reason. In that case, you should consider making the switch to the accepted R410A refrigerant so as not to be stranded with a defective heater in the summertime.

Scarcity of Other Parts

If you use an old model, chances are that other parts may be as difficult to secure as the R-22 refrigerant. So, if your AC breaks down and you have to pay a ridiculous amount to secure a new one, or your repairer has difficulty securing that part, it may be an indicator that other parts will be just as difficult to secure.

Before making this decision, you can speak to an air conditioning unit repair expert in Boca Raton to weigh your options.

The permanence of Your Home

Another factor that could influence your replacement versus repair debate is how long you will be staying in your home. For example, suppose you are considering leaving your home for another, and your AC breaks down; it may not be wise to buy a new unit. In this case, you can maintain the old one till you move in. This will help you avoid making a purchase that doesn’t fit with your new home’s measurements.

However, if you have long-term plans for your current home, you can replace the unit entirely since you will be sure to reap the long-term benefits.

Size of the AC Unit

An incorrectly sized unit can affect the efficiency and life of your air conditioner. For example, an air conditioner that’s too small for the room it’s placed in will work a long time to keep up with cooling and heating requirements and may need repair often or consume more energy.

On the other hand, a large air conditioning unit will cover your room too quickly, causing it to reach its thermostat set point faster than usual. When this happens, the unit will turn on and off repeatedly causing it to break down faster.

In either case, a replacement is more reasonable than a repair.

Recommendations for Your Boca Raton Air Conditioning Unit

Rather than a replacement versus repair debate, every homeowner in Boca Raton would rather have a well-maintained air conditioning unit. So here are some tips to keep your AC in prime condition for a long time.

  • Keep your AC in the shade to prevent it from working doubly hard.
  • Create enough space around your AC. Avoid keeping lots of luggage close to it.
  • Change your filters. Clean filters mean that your AC will work smoothly and serve you all year long.
  • Keep your air conditioner on at a low temperature for a longer period.
  • Constantly check for drafts and leaks. Leaks can be expensive to fix and they will prevent your air conditioner from working properly.

More importantly, as a homeowner, you must have a trusted air conditioning repair service in Boca Raton to consult when making this decision. A technician will be able to figure out when an issue just needs to be fixed or advise you about a replacement where appropriate.

A trusted air conditioning repair expert knows all the specifics to consider if you opt for a replacement. For example, they can consider unit size, energy efficiency, and the estimated hours of operations to help you make the best selection in the market.

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