Anyone who’s ever lived in a house understands that houses make noise – it’s just the way it is. Most of the noises you hear are simply organic to the house, but some of those noises can be caused by your plumbing. Learn the basics when it comes to weird plumbing noises, and you’ll be better prepared to take the appropriate action if and when the time comes – this usually means calling in an experienced Lake Worth plumber to correct the underlying plumbing problem.

That Banging Sound

If you hear a loud banging sound when you open the faucets in your home or office, you’re hearing a water hammer. A water hammer occurs when a closed valve suddenly halts the water rushing through a pipe. This action not only causes the notorious banging sound but can also damage your pipes and work their joints loose. Water hammer conditions are caused when your pipe valve’s air chambers become clogged with water. If you hear banging when you turn on your faucets, it’s time to call in an experienced Lake Worth plumber.

That Shaking Sound

When water rushes through your pipes, it shakes the pipes somewhat. If the shaking is so significant, however, that you notice it, there is likely a problem. Your plumbing pipes are secured by mounting straps, and if these straps loosen, your pipes may shake too vigorously while in use – becoming worn and damaged in the process. Getting into the walls of your home or office, and at the source of the problem, is often complicated; you need a skilled Lake Worth plumber.

That Gurgling Sound

If you hear a gurgling sound in your drains, it probably means that your pipe is clogged and that the draining water is gurgling around the clog on its way down. You may also experience slower drainage. A clog in your pipes is not only inconvenient but can also damage your pipes. The best way to ensure that your pipes are clean, clear, and running smoothly is to have them professionally cleaned. Home remedies typically amount to nothing more than stopgap measures that can lead to more costly and cumbersome professional repairs down the road.

If, on the other hand, you hear the gurgling sound whenever you run water through any of your drains, you probably have an issue with your drain vents. To prevent air bubbles from forming, drains need to be vented properly. Once air bubbles form, you’ll likely hear that gurgling sound whenever you use your drains. If so, it’s time to call in a skilled Lake Worth plumber.

That Screeching Sound

The most noticeable plumbing sound of all is that telltale screeching sound when you open a faucet. If your faucets make this horror-movie sound effect when you turn on the water, it’s likely caused by a defective, loose, or worn part in the faucet itself. Your Lake Worth plumber will determine what the issue is and will remedy the problem pronto.

That Dripping Sound

We all recognize the annoyance of a dripping faucet. That drip, drip, drip just won’t stop, and the sound can really get to you. Not only is a dripping faucet a waste of resources but it can also be a sign that you have a more significant plumbing problem. A dripping faucet can require nothing more than a minor repair, but it can also signify a leak within your plumbing that can lead to structural damage and even to mold and mildew, which can be a health concern. If you have a faucet that drips, call in a plumbing professional.

Noises Off

If you hear any of these plumbing sounds in your home, it’s time to schedule an appointment with an experienced Lake Worth plumber. Even if the issue ends up being minor, it’s a great opportunity to implement plumbing maintenance, which can help ward off more significant problems with your plumbing in the future. And if your plumbing problem is more serious, it’s always in your best interest to get it repaired as quickly as possible – before more damage occurs.

If Your Plumbing Is Making a Racket, Call in a Professional Lake Worth Plumber Today

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