Digital technology has changed the way human beings live and work. It is now possible to attach tiny cameras to handheld gadgets, surgical devices, and plumbing equipment. One can only imagine how digital technology will change how we live in the years to come. The digital camera has proven especially helpful to Coral Springs plumbers. Ask any Coral Springs homeowner who has had a significant plumbing problem about the value of advanced video pipe inspections and you will find there is widespread reverence for this amazing digital technology. Advanced video inspection techniques, powered by digital technology, provide our Coral Springs plumbers with critical viewpoints and insights that help alleviate your plumbing problems.

Why Video Pipe Inspections Are Crucial to Plumbing

Coral Springs plumbers rely on video pipe inspections to examine plumbing problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye. In other words, advanced video inspection empowers your Coral Springs plumber to inspect pipes from the interior as opposed to the exterior. This technology is centered on the use of a digital camera. The digital camera is carefully mounted onto the end of a lengthy fiber optic cable. The fiber optical cable used for advanced video inspections is lengthy enough to extend across the full length of the average Coral Springs home sewer line. An LED light is added to the cable’s end. The digital camera is advanced to the point that it can transmit a signal to a viewing monitor.

Our Coral Springs plumbers view the pipe interior with surprising clarity the transmission relayed to our monitor. The camera cable is sturdy yet flexible enough to be positioned in just about any drain. The cable can even be used to help clean out sewer lines in Coral Springs. However, the primary value of advanced video inspection techniques is that they take the guesswork out of identifying hidden leaks and other plumbing issues that would otherwise remain unseen.

Digital Pipe Inspections for Slab Leaks

Digital pipe inspections have proven especially helpful for Coral Springs homeowners dealing with slab leaks. Our plumbing team will shut off the water supply to your home, drain the water out of the lines, and get right to work with our advanced video inspection techniques. Put your faith in our Coral Springs plumbers and we will identify exactly where the leak is occurring. This is the location where we will excavate to access the leak and perform whatever repairs are necessary. We take great pride in being as precise as possible.

Our aim is to perform your Coral Springs plumbing repair in a thorough yet timely manner with the latest technological breakthroughs. Let us get to work with our digital pipe inspections and we will uncover all sorts of useful views and other information about your plumbing system’s leaks, clogs, and other nuances. These are the important images and insights our Coral Springs plumbing crew needs to tailor a strategic approach to your unique plumbing problem. As an example, we might use the views to determine if we can repair leaks by lateral repairs instead of digging. Alternatively, our advanced video inspection techniques for plumbing might help us determine the type of hydro-jetter and nozzle necessary to clean a pipe.

How Video Pipe Inspections are Helpful Even after the Work is Done

Advanced video inspection technology is helpful beyond identifying the right service necessary for the plumbing problem at your Coral Springs home. These advanced inspections also empower our plumbers to check out their work after the project is complete. Digital video inspections provide a unique vantage point to inspect the quality of our work and guarantee the job was completed to your unique specifications. We can even prove the job was completed by showing a digital recording of the images for your review.


Plumbing issues can wreak havoc in homes if they go undetected or unchecked. It is, therefore, crucial that homeowners take the necessary steps to keep their plumbing systems in good shape. Using Coral Springs’ advanced video inspection techniques can go a long way in correctly pinpointing and getting to the root of the plumbing problem, as well as rectifying it in a timely, efficient manner. Sound plumbing is key to a healthy home.

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