Hot water is essential to keeping a functional home. An ample water supply is important for hot showers, clean laundry, sparkling dishes, and much more. Most of us, however, don’t give hot water a lot of thought – until it’s no longer available. Your water heater plays an important role in your home, and implementing an annual maintenance schedule can help ensure that your home has the hot water it needs while conserving energy in the process. Don’t ignore your water heater until it becomes a problem – avoid problems in the first place by scheduling annual water heater maintenance with an experienced Boca Raton plumber.

The Basics

Scheduling an annual maintenance check for your water heater will allow you to better understand the basics when it comes to your unit. Water heaters come in two main categories that include traditional tank models and tankless heaters. Further, these heaters can be powered by either gas or electricity. A professional plumber will help you become better acquainted with how your water heater works – and with any warning signs that could signal a problem. Knowing what to look for can mean the difference between a preemptory repair service and a hot-water emergency. When you suddenly find that your household has no hot water, it can certainly feel like an emergency. During your plumber’s annual maintenance check, he or she will investigate for potential problems and will provide you with options to help rectify them.

Professional Checklist

There are a variety of elements that your professional plumbing service will focus on in conducting your annual water heater maintenance.

Your Role

  • In case of an emergency, your plumbing professional will ensure that you know where and how to turn off your heater’s water supply and power source – and that you keep any necessary tools to do so nearby.
  • Your plumbing professional will check to make sure that the area around your tank heater is clear of clutter and debris. This helps minimize water damage in case of a leak and diminishes fire hazards. Further, a water heater that doesn’t receive adequate oxygen is likely to run less efficiently and can be damaged internally.

Electronic Components

  • If you use an electric unit, your plumbing professional will test the voltage on the heater’s thermostat and will make appropriate suggestions about where it should be set for safety and efficiency.
  • If you use a gas water heater, your plumbing professional will thoroughly check its vent system, which is critical for preventing the backdraft of dangerous exhaust.
  • Your plumbing professional will check the anode rod in your heater, which is designed to attract rust and prevent it from forming inside your water tank. If this rod becomes corroded, it needs replacement.
  • Your plumbing professional will inspect the physical condition of the outside of your tank to ensure that the water line is securely connected and that there is no indication of rust.
  • During annual maintenance, your plumbing professional will likely flush and drain your tank to remove accumulated sediment that can decrease performance and damage the water heater over time.

In other words, when it comes to your water heater, a lot is going on, and the best way to ensure that your family has the hot water it needs – when it needs it – is to schedule annual water heater maintenance.

An Experienced Boca Raton Plumber Will Help Keep Your Water Heater in Good Working Order

If your water heater isn’t well maintained, it can lead to problems down the road. If your water heater breaks, it’s going to be extremely inconvenient and not inexpensive to replace. Going without hot water is likely to send your family into a tailspin. A water heater that’s poorly maintained comes with its own set of problems. To begin with, a water heater that hasn’t been properly maintained is far more likely to break down in the first place. Such a heater is also more likely to run inefficiently by wasting resources and to be more prone to dangerous accidents. Scheduling annual water heater maintenance is a great way to help ensure that your water heater remains safe, effective, and efficient throughout the year.

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