Hard water is a problem that will plague your Coral Springs home for generations to come unless you take action to prevent it in the first place. The little-known truth is hard water has become a common issue for those living in Coral Springs and beyond. This problem is especially common in areas with considerable sediment.

The term “hard water” refers to elevated levels of dissolved minerals within water. As water evaporates, mineral deposits are left on the surface. Such deposits are known as hard water stains. Hard water is a problem as it can compromise the functionality of dishwashers, hot water heaters, washing machines, and the plumbing system as a whole. Neglect your hard water problem and it will cause scale to accumulate in the pipes, lead to rusting and prevent cleaning agents from being effective. Hard water also leaves a gross-looking white residue on glassware, dishes and sinks. The question is how to prevent hard water at your Coral Springs home. Our local plumbers have the answers.

1. Clean Pipes Regularly

If your Coral Springs home’s piping system has calcified buildup, it will prove difficult to remove. Such buildup leads to hard water in due time. If you make a concerted effort to clean your pipes with regularity, they will last longer and you will dramatically reduce the chances of hard water. The best pipe cleaning solutions are abrasive, acidic, and chlorine-based.

2. Mind the Water Temperature

Most Coral Springs homeowners have no idea running hot water through their home’s hot water heater will lead to the buildup of minerals that lead to hard water. This phenomenon is the result of the mineral precipitation process that occurs within the hottest section of the plumbing system. As time progresses, the hot water heater gradually accumulates scale. You can do your part to prevent hard water by decreasing the hot water heater’s temperature. It will also help to flush the hot water heater every now and then to prevent sediment from building up.

3. Use a Descaler

One of the most important things you can do to prevent hard water plumbing damage at your Coral Springs home is to add a descaler. The best descalers do not expose your immune system to unnecessary salt. Descaler is much more than a mere softener. Rather, descaler is a softening substitute that prevents the onset of hard water problems. Use the right descaler and it will help alter hard minerals to form a crystal structure that stops the minerals from binding and causing scale buildup. If you are uncertain as to which descaler is best for you home, do not hesitate to ask our friendly local plumbers in Coral Springs.

4. What About Vinegar?

If you are looking for a low-cost means of combating hard water damage, consider vinegar. Though vinegar will not completely eliminate mineral buildup within your home’s pipes, it has the potential to help with fixtures covered in calcium buildup. Calcium naturally reacts with vinegar and other acids. Put your fixtures laden with buildup in a container of hot vinegar. The calcium will dissolve in an hour or so. Distilled vinegar works especially well for appliances with white film and spotting resulting from hard water. Rinse your coffee maker or other appliance with vinegar and you will notice an immediate difference in aesthetics as well as taste.


Hard water is not “hard” to deal with. However, it is important to take the necessary steps that can help keep your appliances and plumbing system safe from its adverse effects. Use the four tips mentioned above to prevent the buildup of minerals on your plumbing fixtures and ensure that the water you use is safe and clean.

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